Mac Person vs. PC Person, Who Are You?

Mac vs. PC like Red Sox vs. the Yankees or Coke vs. Pepsi and the list goes on. As possibly one of the greatest differences between people in today’s technology driven age, let’s address the differences between the two. Now, the iPhone has significantly driven more people to the Mac who previously used a PC but still many may be both – Ah, the horror. I for one am a PC, gal. I can use every inch of my iPhone but you throw a Macbook in my lap and I can’t even figure out how to close out of a window. Shameful, I know this. :P

Mashable, recent did a profile of Mac people vs. PC people and it is fabulous. I think it hits the nail on the head. Tell me what you think.

In the profile Mac users are typically younger, more educated, more liberal and more urban than PC users. PC users tend to be more mathematically inclined, more likely to prefer fitting in with others and less likely to host social functions. PC users would rather drive a Harley and Mac users would rather drive a Vespa. Mac users are 80% more likely to be vegetarian and enjoy modern art and design. PC users tend to view computers negatively as opposed to Mac users who see themselves as tech savy.

So basically let me get this straight, Mac people are smarter, more sophisticated, artsy and tech savy? Yikes! I guess Apple is better but are their users better people? How could anyone make a generalization like that? Whether we are PC people or Mac people, we are all GOOD people….just different, very very different.