Draw Jump App Review – Cute Rocket, Too Familiar Gameplay

Been there, certainly done that. The jump as high as you can, most familiarly seen in Doodle Jump, has become all too popular in terms of density in the app store. Right now, the genre can still be fun but only if developers anticipate what users will want to see apart from the common gameplay. Draw Jump [$0.99], recently published under EA” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”s name, is a game of such qualities, that has potential but not quite enough execution.

You” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”ll take the responsibility of preventing a nicely hand-drawn, fuel-less rocket from falling from the sky by drawing trampolines to project it higher through the air. onclick= The trampolines will only boost Cosmo the rocket a little bit, and then he” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”ll begin his descent forcing you to draw according to his position. Thanks to the periodically added obstacles and bounciness that the world of Draw Jump possesses, the gameplay is kept difficult enough to have you, for a short time anyway, trying to beat your high-score.

Sadly, accompanied with the fresh take and temporarily pleasing gameplay, are also some cons. My first gripe with the game was that the gameplay didn” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”t have much variety after the first few rounds that I played; apart from the leaderboards, the game didn” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”t have any other purpose such as other game modes and alternate content. On top of that, there were also some occasional crashes and glitches.

Taking a look at the artwork was on the other hand is one of the game” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”s strongest aspects. The game is crafted of doodle style graphics, though instead of being solely paper and pencil, the sprites are very uniquely rendered, and to say the least, they” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”re bursting with color and personality.

The simplicity of such games on the market is definitely something to admire, and there” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”s no doubt that Draw Jump [$0.99] minimally capitalizes on that. Though, the replay value needs more, maybe something to give gamers more initiative to keep on playing. Currently the experience is dry just after a few rounds of playing, and that is certainly a turn-off. It” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”s also the potential deciding factor between buying the game or not.

The fact remains, that if more was to be added, this contribution in the genre from EA would be an easy recommendation kudos to the unique graphical style and control scheme that Draw Jump currently boasts.