Alleyside Daily #5: Flaming iPhones, Samsung Sang, Holiday Game Sales, NYE App, Less Cake

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The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know about iPhone 5GS while also hyping up an amazing new time travel app and an indestructible case, along with everything in between – first. In addition, our seasoned editors’ knowledge adds insight. Interviews, giveaways, and special guests are coming very soon down the line. Keep in mind that the concept is very much still in “beta,” so we’ll need your help shaping Alleyside Daily into the ultimate collection of daily iOS information.

|News Headlines

Temporary Problem: Pre-iOS 4 Devices Prevented from Downloading App Store Content
Michael: Users stuck in the past, the ancient artifacts of the iOS world, are having a case of App Store shut-out
Nikhil: Unfortunately for you, if you own an device running on anything older than iOS 4, you’re blocked from the App Store
Well, not technically, but you can’t download applications
Michael: iPhones and iPod touches rocking the ol’ iOS 3.1.3 cannot download apps directly from their device
Though apps can be downloaded through iTunes and synced
Nikhil: Yeah they can, which is the temporary fix for now, but this is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible
Michael: Glitch or intentional?
I think it may very well be intentional.
Nikhil: I’m guessing it’s glitch
Hmm, contradicting
Michael: iOS 3.1.3 is incompatible with a significant amount of apps anyway.
Nikhil: Well, I doubt Apple would want to push their older users out of the picture quite yet. Although they could just want them to update
Michael: Forward for the App Store.
iOS 3.1.3 users are irrelevant now.
Nikhil: I doubt that, they still do represent a chunk of possible revenue for Apple and developers alike
For the applications that DO support that old firmware
Michael: Not at all a significant amount.
Nikhil: There are a few, but enough
Michael: No new apps do, anyway.
Nikhil: True on that
But there are a ton of older applications that still do. These, though, I’m not sure how many downloads are received
Michael: Nothing relevant.

Nikhil: So following the combusting phone on the flight that we posted about a few weeks back, there’s been another similar case with an iPhone
Michael: In a twist of irony, a fire fighter’s iPhone caught on fire.
Nikhil: Exactly what I was about to say
Michael: It was a typing competition
Nikhil: Yes, which you obviously would win!
Anyways, the phone was charging which points to the battery possibly, right?
Michael: Anyways, he was simply charging the iPhone when it feel to the carpet and was then followed up with a savior throw out the window.
Nikhil: The same problem that the previous phone encountered I’m thinking
Michael: Yes, it must be the battery.
Although I think his environment caused it.
Nikhil: There was so speculation or official word from Apple last time and even though the phone is currently in investigation in Cupertino, I doubt there will be any speculation this time around either
Michael: Very possibly. Exposure to high heat, especially for prolonged periods, can be extremely bad for the battery to say the least.
Nikhil: Regardless of the environment, this could become a growing problem although it seems to only be happening to a select few people in a unique situation
The advice remains: if you see any smoke or flames from your phone, turn it off immediately or just throw it out the window!
Michael: Stop, drop, and… roll!

Apple Going After Samsung Tablets and Phones Yet Again
Michael: Apple recently tried to keep the Galaxy 10.1 tablet out of Australia, but failed although they have had a few legal victories as of recent.
Nikhil: And today they’re suing Samsung over patent infringements
Claiming that the other company’s tablet and phone cases are in violation of Apple’s similar patents
Michael: Namely, over the casing design of the tablet and multiple phones.
The cases infringe over 10 patents and also Apple’s registered design.
Nikhil: We did see the Smart Case, the iPad’s Smart Cover alternative pop up for Samsung’s Galaxy tablet, previously
Although, that was never released officially
Nor produced by Samsung
Michael: It was never planned for a U.S. release anyway.
Though it may very well be the Smart Case they’re going after.
As means to continue the legal battle.
Nikhil: It’s amazing how they’ve filed a total of 30 whopping lawsuits between each other
So many little disputes that lead to court cases, of which both have had their fair share of wins
Michael: It seems Apple is ultimately trying to send out a warning.
So that less companies so blatantly copy off of their products.
Nikhil: I’m not surprised that companies are trying to copy, if you will, Apple in a way though it may not completely be the case here with the success the Cupertino-based company has had

Apple Offering Free Next-Day Shipping Just in Time
Michael: Holiday shoppers have one more day to purchase Apple gifts online.
So for all of you last-minute shoppers, receive free next-day shipping on Apple’s site. Free? Sounds like they really want Santa to deliver a lot of products.
iProducts, that is!
Nikhil: Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for another loved one, today should be the day you purchase your products
Michael: Or you have until closing time on Christmas Eve
Not recommended.


Electronic and Gameloft Throw Their Usual Holiday Sales

Two of the biggest developers/publishers that have built their names in the App Store as well as on other platforms are holding their usual holiday sales today
Nikhil: Electronic Arts dropped their titles’ prices today followed shortly by Gameloft
Nikhil: Most all of both of the outlet’s iOS titles have had their prices dropped significantly in light of the holiday season
Michael: NOVA 2, Spider-Man, and 9mm for $.99 each are great deals
Christmas will certainly be a great day for app downloads

Official New Year’s Eve Ball App
Michael: For this year’s official Times Square New Year’s Eve party, there is a very special app available today.
It allows users to stream the event along with others in Times Square.
Nikhil: Available for free, the application not only provides you with feeds, photos and videos on New Year’s Eve but also with content before the 31st
Michael: There is also exclusive video content but the coolest part…
You can upload photos to be displayed on the giant Toshiba Vision screen.
Nikhil: We’ll surely see a few people light up their creative sides with the pictures. Possibly engagements on the big screen?
Michael: Very possible. I’m sure it’s strictly censored still.
And individual pictures probably won’t get a ton of space.
Nikhil: Inevitably, but still, if you want a chance to get you and your family on the Toshiba Vision screen, you can start to submit today
Michael: Make yourself part of the ringing-in the New Year!
Nikhil: The UI of the application looks really nice too, if you’re into that sort of stuff….
Michael: Oh, you bet.


WorkMate Pro
We have yet another case available today, which I see as a worthy alternative to any Ballistic case or Otterbox case that you have
Michael: Black does look fairly attractive, though orange is downright ugly.
Still, it’s more about the protection.
Nikhil: Yes, it is
Otterbox cases haven’t been the best looking cases in the past
Michael: And it sounds like a winner with the ho-hum combination of silicone and plastic.
What does the WorkMate Pro cost?
Nikhil: But they’ve done the job, and the WorkMate Pro from Cygnett will also protect your iPhone 4S/4 (all models) at all costs for $40
It’s currently out of stock on numerous online websites but should be available for purchase at many local electronic stores, namely Frys and others of the same breed
Michael: In the spirit of the week, time for another Christmas-themed case collection.

Case-Mate Jeniffer Swift Holiday Collection
Michael: This time, it’s from Case-Mate.
In the spirit of the week, time for another Christmas-themed case collection. This time, it’s from Case-Mate.
Nikhil: They also seem to be a much nicer alternative to the cases we posted about yesterday
Bright, colorful holiday designs on snap-on cases
Michael: They were specifically created by designer Jessica Swift.
Nikhil: Haven’t heard that name before, but Case-Mate’s collections are all good and worthy of your purchase
Michael: Probably not related to Taylor Swift but still
Nikhil: Any deals or 1-day shipping available from Case-Mate considering Christmas is this Sunday?
Michael: Nice, unique Christmas art for your iPhone starting at $35.
For in-stock cases, they would have to be purchased by midnight tomorrow.
Through Overnight shipping, which is not free however.

Nikhil: Michael, did you enjoy the thousands of iPhone-shaped cakes you got yesterday?
Michael: Don’t joke around with me like that, Nikhil…
What cakes?
(I have a stomach ache.)
Nikhil: Ha! Just pointing out how considerate our readers are.
Anyways, hope you all enjoyed reading today’s Alleyside Daily
Michael:Till teh nexus of time