Alleyside Daily #10: AppTrackr Tracked, iPad 3 Rumors Continue, Siri Knockoffs, Snow Delays, Law and Order Game, Mini Speaker, Analog Controller for iOS

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The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know about iPhone 5GS while also hyping up an amazing new time travel app and an indestructible case, along with everything in between – first. In addition, our seasoned editors’ knowledge adds insight. Interviews, giveaways, and special guests are coming very soon down the line. Keep in mind that the concept is very much still in “beta,” so we’ll need your help shaping Alleyside Daily into the ultimate collection of daily iOS information.

|News Headlines

Apple Sends Take-Down Notices to AppTrackr
Nikhil: If you’ve been jailbroken, one of the reasons you may have done so is because of Installous
The application, available through Cydia, that allows you to download cracked applications
Essentially, any application for free
Although illegally, of course
Michael: Pirating apps through Installous, you thieves…
Nikhil: Hypocrisy is bad Michael
Michael: Apple has been searching through file-sharing sites and is sending takedown notices.
Nikhil: To the people who conceived the service, AppTrackr
However, AppTrackr will continue to offer cracked applications as stated by their most recent blog post
Michael: No, they are indeed sending takedown notices specifically to the download sites that are hosting the files.
Nikhil: They have moved their servers to several different countries and are going to try and battle Apple’s “wrath”
Michael: Apptrackr has added CAPATCHA to links to make it more difficult for Apple to stop their slew of piracy.

Supposed iPad 3 Retina Display Part Leaked
Nikhil: We’ve seen a numerous amount of “leaked” iPad products in the past few weeks and today yet another was leaked
Apparently, the iPad 3′s retina display part was leaked somewhere in Korea, and pictures were posted on a forum
Michael: A panel that is 9.7″, same size as iPad, that is supposed Retina Display-resolution has been reportedly spotted.
Nikhil: Little information was provided with the picture other than it’s claimed to be the new part
Michael: However, we do know more about what the iPad 3 screen may be technically.

Apple Utilizing IGZO Panels in iPad 3?
Michael: Apple may be making a switch from IPS (in-plane switching) to a IGZO display technology.
Michael: IGZO is an indium gallium zinc oxide technology.
The reason is due to manufacturing difficulties with a high-resolution 9.7″ screen using IPS.
Nikhil: Despite rumors that the iPad 3 would be thicker than its predecessor, it’s rumored to be thinner thanks to the IGZO screens if they’re used
Michael: Sharp would manufacture the panels initially.
In fact, its own Galapagos tablets will utilize the technology.
Nikhil: However, that rumor comes courtesy of Digitimes, who yesterday claimed that the iPad 3 would be announced in January at Macworld but later withdrew from their claim
Michael: iPad 3 is expected to feature a 2048×1536 display.
Which would look stunning, it’s a big Retina Display after all.

Multiple Siri Clones Land in the Android Marketplace
Nikhil: In the mix of iPad rumors, there is also scandal, if you will, going on over at Android’s application Marketplace (of course!)
Michael: Developers are cashing in on the marketability of Siri. The horror!
Nikhil: Owners of Android devices can find two new Siri clones available on the Marketplace, and they’re blatant knockoffs as well
Michael: Some even utilize the Siri icon.
Nikhil: Once claims to be directly from Apple, dubbed “Siri for Android”
While the other has an oddly long name
Michael: It even has the tagline “OFFICIAL APP”
Nikhil: Heh, official app my foot
Michael: Apple’s icons are even utilized and the Siri interface was attempted to be copied.
Nikhil: Fortunate for Apple, the applications are currently only in Korean but will be translated to English, which gives the Cupertino company enough time to react before the phenomenon hits the US
Phenomenon, yes, don’t question it!
Michael: Siri for Android won’t last long.
Nikhil: Android has been know to be a bit more relaxed when it comes to submissions and app approval, we’ll just see how this goes down between Apple and Google

Apple’s Face Recognition Patents
Michael: Apple is moving forward with a variety of new patents, including one titled “Low Threshold Face Recognition.”
Nikhil: This new patent, when/if materialized holds potential for Apple and its related products
Michael: It is simply Apple’s own facial recognition technology, which works without requiring a lot of computational power.
Users could have personal profiles based on their face on an iPad, for example.
Nikhil: Rather than using tons of power and memory to figure out whether or not it’s you, the technology simply recognizes key features: eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
Michael: It can do so by distance of eyes and mouth, even.
Quick and effective.


Winter Wake-Up
Nikhil: Despite the fact that it rarely snows down south here in Georgia, this next application is still a wonderful idea
It basically wakes you up depending on the weather
Those of you who leave far up north: don’t you hate when it’s a weekday, there was just snow the previous night and your car is stuck under the mounds?
Michael: Sounds like something your wife may do.
Nikhil: Well, Winter Wake-up will wake you up earlier than your specified alarm time depending on the amount of snow and whether or not it snowed
Michael: So no more work excuses!
Nikhil: Yep, if you’re the overachiever worker, though, pick it up completely free
It could come in handy when you’re dying to get to work and impress your boss but your car is buried under snow!

Law & Order: Legacies
Michael: Let me start this one by saying Telltale is one of the most underdog developers in the App Store.
They’ve been bringing such quality, console-level titles to the iPad.
Nikhil: Law and Order is always on television, so you can now have it on your iOS device. Yay!

Michael: Law & Order: Legacies marks their first original 3D series, and it is indeed high-quality cinematic fun..
Original for iOS, that is. This is available on both iPhone and iPad.
Nikhil: I’d say it looks like Hector, but with more action, better artwork and less crude comments.
However, the character models looks extremely boxy
Michael: It’s in 3D though. Definitely doesn’t look like Hector.
Cell-shaded 3D specifically. But yes, it is like a stylish painting in-action.
Nikhil: Their faces’ ridges join unevenly, and their bodies are almost isometric. Although it has its own charm
Michael: Full voice-acting, and players can investigate. Cases can go in different paths as players can make the wrong choice and even the wrong verdict.
Nikhil: But like you said earlier, Telltale is definitely underrated. Great, quality titles on the cheap
Michael: Each episode is available for $2.99, with 7 coming over the next few weeks in total.


X-mini II
Nikhil: We reviewed this little product a long, long time ago, but I thought it was worth another mention. It really proves that size does not matter at all
Michael: That’s what she said.
Sorry, unprofessional. ^^^
Nikhil: Yes, it is. Keep that for your personal life, Michael!
Anyways, the X-mini II comes off as a little ball. It is, but it’s also much more – it’s a speaker with tremendous quality
Via a cord wrapped up tightly and efficiently underneath the body, the X-mini II can connect to your music devices and amplify your tunes, so you can rock out on the go
The sound quality is crystal clear, and the amount of decibels higher the speaker can project is impressive for its very small size
Michael: About how loud would you say it can get?
Nikhil: Ughh, I’m no professional in that department, but I’d say about two times the amount that the iPhone can project
Michael: So this is basically the mini speaker I’ve been wanting?
Nikhil: If you’ve wanted one, sure!
Michael: I’ll provide my own opinion too, SPONSOR
Nikhil: An additional feature cleverly included with the speaker is the ability to receive large amounts of bass from the speaker
You simply twist the top end, and the top-half twists upwards which magically creates bass reproduction
So if you want the handiest, dandiest speaker on the market, pick up the X-mini II SPONSOR
Nah, really, get it. It’s worth the $29.95 price tag and is available in multiple colors to your liking

60beat GamePad
Michael: The 60beat GamePad has one goal: to add a real, console-akin controller to your iOS gaming.
It has not one but two joysticks, a D-pad, and 10 buttons.
Nikhil: It’s a real nice product, visually anyways, but it takes away the charm of the iOS device’s touch screen. Why not just play games on a console device if you want analog controls?
Michael: The GamePad connects to the headphone jack, although it comes with an audio splitter for your headphones.
Nikhil: Although I understand how it augments the potential for services such as OnLive and developers can take full advantage of the product much like many of done with the iCade
Michael: This is for people that absolutely hate touchscreen controllers nonetheless.
However you’ll still need an OnLive controller for that service.
Nikhil: Sorry, not aware of that
Michael: Actually, only a few games support the GamePad.
It’s all down to the developers.
Nikhil: So far. I’m sure that many developers will tag along as it wracks up more popularity
Michael: I think this product will ultimately fail, especially at $50 and without developer support out of the gate. It’s not attractive enough either to be the end-all of iOS gaming.

Nikhil: If we don’t get around to our 11th edition of our Alleyside Daily series tomorrow, then I, certainly, would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!
But if we do see y’all again (southern slang), then disregard that last line completely
Michael: Here’s to what 2012 carries!
Nikhil: Oh and disregard that crude line from before from Michael
Michael: (And that line too!)
Nikhil: (death)
Michael: Actually, I do think this is our last edition of 2011.
Nikhil: Well, then fully regard it! I’ll stop now. Bye everyone!
Michael: So have a very happy New Year! May all your resolutions carry into 2012!
Nikhil: Join us again next year.
Michael: 2012 will be a great year for the iPad and iPhone, by the way. Complete redesigns seem to be on their way. Enough talking, let’s ring in the new year!