Zombie Quest App Review

I’m not a huge fan of strategy games partially because I like to sit back and relax to play games. That said, Zombie Quest ($0.99) has completely turned me over as I haven’t been able to stop playing it since I first downloaded it two mornings ago.

In Zombie Quest, the aim is to conquer a board full of hexagons by ending up with more of your character than the zombies. You start off with an empty board full of hexagons and three of your wolve-type animals and three zombies spread across the edges. You must teleport or clone your character near the zombies so that they transform into a wolf. You can only clone yourself to an immediate heaxgon that is touching the current one, and teleport to any other that’s on the board. Once you’ve taken your turn, the zombies take theirs and choose to move next to you and therefore transform your immediate wolves into zombies.

It all sounds way more complicated than it is. The game has a really simple guide that’s easy to follow, so you’ll learn how to master the game in no more than a few levels. You also have power-ups such as a shield to protect a single wolf from being zombiefied or a hook to take one of the zombies off the board. They add to the game’s complexion because you have to use it well and therefore think carefully about each step you take.

It’s a turn-by-turn strategy game, so the AI is key to making the game challenging. I’m pleased to say that it’s very, very clever. The early levels in the first environment are relatively easy but are by no means a breeze to complete, but as soon as you start the next environment, they begin to win games. That’s when you really have to think where to place your next move. Should you clone a wolf so that you end up with an extra number but leave yourself open for transformation? Or should you teleport and transform one zombie but still only increase your total by one? Tough decisions.

Apart from single-player mode, you can also play against a friend on the same device. Seeing as it’s a turn-by-turn strategy game, this is a must-have feature. But what would also be cool is an online multiplayer mode which the game lacks. It doesn’t have to be real-time, just something like play your go and then send your move off. The other player can play their move whenever they want. Something simple but fun.

The graphics aren’t the best because they don’t need to be. You can easily distinguish between your wolves and the zombies. The little effects of lightning to teleport are a nice addition though and make it feel more like a game than just something to think about. The music is also quite nice and arcade-like, but doesn’t sound like anything special. Again, it doesn’t need to be.

If you’re looking for a new strategy game, look no further. For $0.99, you get a time-passer that requires both attention and skill to accomplish the levels. It doesn’t let you sit back and fly through the game. You have to decide carefully what to do next, and that’s what makes it a worthwhile purchase.

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Written by guest writer Daven Gomes.