Zombie Escape App Review – It’s An Epidemic, Watch Out!

Chillingo, as promised a few months ago have released yet another zombie/monster game. This time more brutal, gory, and most of all addicting. Taking the line-drawing genre, Zombie Escape has you ridding different environments of zombies with the use of helicopters, bombs, and a whole lot of other destructive weapons!

I’m a sucker for most zombie games that invade the app store. Even though there are a vast amount of them, they always find a way to draw me in – some are good decisions, while others are not the greatest of purchases. However, I know from past experiences and being addicted to Zombie Escape for the past 24 hours, that this new game by Chillingo was not a bad decision.

Zombie Escape is really shaping up to be a gem, and might as well belong in my “Favorite Games” category. I find myself playing it whenever I find time, making the best of the amount of time that I am able to play.

The game has you guiding citizens past raging zombies to helicopters. This being a line-drawing game, you’d think it would start out boring and sluggish, but in fact the game starts off intense and will have you on the edge of your seat within a matter of seconds!

You control citizens by simply touching them with your finger, and then dragging across the screen to a helicopter. This will create a path that the citizen will follow. Along the way, zombies may target the citizen and start following you, and you may have to alter your path to avoid them.

Each helicopter has only a certain amount of people that can fit in it. Once full, it will take off opening a time period where your citizens will have to wonder around waiting for the helicopters to return. In this time, they will of course be vulnerable.

On the bottom of the screen, a collection of different items at your disposal are displayed with the quantity available written next to the item’s icon. In a level, may items will fall from the sky as packages, and collecting them is done simply by drawing a path from a citizen to the package. As you progress through the game, more will become available for use.

The are two game modes: the campaign mode in which the gameplay will take place in a series of “Days”. Each day as it progresses gets more difficult introducing new dangers, and to balance it out new items that can be used. You start off with a sniper, then a bomb is added, along with meat, and of course many, many more. These items can also be upgraded using money earned in each level by killing zombies. The second game mode only becomes available once the campaign is complete, and as you’ve probably already guessed by now, it’s a survival mode. In other words, an endless mode to see how many citizens can be rescued before three are killed.

In the campaign mode, there are a couple of different environments that can be played at. You start off at the airport which displays airport-like features, then move onto the city and so on. Each environment introduces a new zombie which have their perks. Some might leave off a poisonous gas when killed, while others have a great sense for humans and will easily target them out.

Along with the fun gameplay, so many environments with nice features, and easy controls, nice artwork is also included in the package. The cartoon styled graphics are well rendered from the frightened look on the citizens, to the blood-thirsty glare on the zombies. Even the sound is well crafted – bloodcurdling screams, and background music.

With all of these features, I don’t see how the game could be priced for such a low tag. It is only $0.99, and for that price you’re getting so much. Right now, I’m concerned about the zombie epidemic; I’m concerned about the “me getting hooked and spending mindless time playing” epidemic!