Wispin App Review – An App of Crazy, Colorific Fun!

Released by Grumpyface Studios just the other day, Wispin is an odd yet enticing mix involving colors and quick fingers. Using the on-screen/tilt controls, you must eliminate the constantly arriving hordes of Bloopers and rack up the largest score that you possible can.

In Wispin you play as a cute little fellow out to rid himself of the bloopers that threaten him. To do so, he’ll have to change colors accordingly and eliminate the ones that he can at that time.

When you first start playing the initial mode, you’ll have an option of either tilt controls or an on-screen joystick. These are for the movement of the character. If you are sitting in a position that tilt controls will work, I would recommend that option however if you’re not the joystick works well. There will always be the color wheel in the bottom right hand corner of the screen which is used to change the color of the character.

To get rid of the bloopers, you must be that color and just simply run into them. You must also work strategically as chaining the same color of bloopers gives you extra points which is the ultimate goal. In the beginning when I first started to play, it seemed a little too difficult to catch the bloopers. I would try to, but miss them. I can’t pinpoint the exact problem but I’m thinking that the starting bloopers are too small or the controls for moving the character are too responsive. Though, the problem eased off a bit once I got more accustomed to the game and developed a feel for it.

When you change colors, you’re completely vulnerable to the bloopers that aren’t the color you hold. So if you’re out to get rid of the red ones at that moment, then the blue and green ones should be watched out for. If you come into contact with another color, you’ll lose a life indicated by the three swirls on top of the screen.

The bloopers appear in waves of 10′s to 20′s. As the wave number increases the difficulty of the game increases as well which at one point is so steep it’s almost impossible to survive. Once you pass the 10th wave, the other game mode is unlocked. Also, when you clear 500 bloopers a new map is available for use.

When it comes to variety, the game doesn’t fall short. Along with the unlockable maps, the game has new bloopers introduced pretty much every wave and powerups/items that can be used. The new bloopers usually vary in size and attain different abilities to inflict damage on you. Among the many items there is cheese which attracts certain colored bloopers making it easy to chain combos, arrows that let you kill a certain color from a distance, and rainbow bombs that kill all colors within a certain diameter.

The graphical style of the game makes it a whole lot more interesting than it would be without. The character, the bloopers and the backgrounds/environments all have the same “zany” (quoted from developer’s description) style used when rendering which make them cute and unlike any other game’s on the app store.

Occasionally the game crashes on my iPod Touch 4 which the developer’s have been addressed about and an easy restart gets rid of the problem for awhile. I’ve experienced this crash multiple times and it’s no biggy.

I’ve been very hooked to the game for the past few days because of the way all of the factors of it have blended to make a fusion so great, it’s too addictive. The artwork along with the unique gameplay is some stuff worth buying, so pick up Wispin for only $0.99!

Oh yeah, a quick tip: Stock up on all of your daily needs before you buy the game because once you start to play there’s no time for anything else. I learned the hard way and was without food for a couple of days!