Will Apple still thrive without Steve Jobs?

The minute I got the breaking news notification last night that Steve Jobs was resigning effective immediately, I was shocked and began wondering what was going to happen to Apple now that he’s gone.  Thoughts like “well I guess I better start figuring out the Droid operating system and maybe instead of getting my MacBook Pro next week maybe I should get a PC again.”

And I’ve now come to the realization that probably not much will change with the company!

Jobs will always be an integral part of that company, it’s his baby, how can he not still be a part of it?  But with him stepping down, things could be a little shaky for a while.

Stockholders definitely got worried by the news last night.  Apple stocks opened down 11.10 points and throughout the day got back up and closed down only 2.46 points at 373.72.

Time will only tell what’s going to happen with Apple but the biggest question on my mind right now: will the rumored Sept. 7 meeting to announce the iPhone 5 still happen?