Virtual City App Review – SimCity Actually Made Enjoyable: and I thought it was impossible…

I for one, never really enjoyed the original SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It just didn’t live up to all of the hype, like it was supposed to. People say that the new version, SimCity Deluxe poses a great improvement compared to the first, but who wants to pay $4.99 for an app when you can get an even better version for only $2.99? Certainly not me!

G5 Entertainment is commonly seen as “The Time Management Game Specialist.” Ok, maybe not publicly, but if you’ve ever played one of their games you have probably thought that thought before. However, with their new release of Virtual City they have gone from time management specialists to virtual environment re-creators.

Virtual City features a total of 50 levels that each have you managing a small town and completing goals. With each town, a new challenge arises. In some you may have to reconstruct a fallen bridge, while in others you may have to make your city eco-friendly. The levels don’t all have only one challenge to complete. Most of the time, they will have many minor challenges that will lead up the major one in a series of events.

Uniquely, a part of the game that I like because you don’t see it very often in games, is that the main character is a lady. The story starts off with a few drawn scenes that illustrate how the lady becomes a main figure in a great company that was previously owned by a relative. You inherit the company – different mayors hire you to come and fix up their towns/cities to make them “better.”

In a level, you will have the option to upgrade buildings, buy transportation, and build different infrastructure that will effect the city environment. The game will often have you routing transport trucks from business to business so that you can make money and further invest in other things. The amount of things that you can do is practically endless.

Like I mentioned, there are 50 levels to play in and complete. They will open up in a fashion where once you finish one, the next will become available for play. All of the levels are displayed on a country-wide map with certain states being highlighted. You can click on a state to zoom in on it which will display the levels that are available and have been completed.

The game incorporates a scoring system; when you complete a level, you’re stats will be shown such as the happiness of your population, time it took to complete, and other things among the same lines. Depending on how well you do, the game awards you with a different medal which will show up in the country map.

Everything that happens in the game is actually played out. You will see the trucks driving from one location to another, see people hanging out by the central mall, and actually watch the building process that each building-in-the-works goes through.

The game is amazing in terms of variety. Each time you shift to a new state, you will see common characteristics about the land and such. For example, once you finish the first state you will move onto California where you will be faced with earthquake shaken grounds and destroyed buildings.

I actually didn’t think that any developer could ever make a Sim City sort of game no matter how hard they tried mainly because of the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s small screen. Though I was proved wrong by G5 Entertainment, I’m happy they accomplished this because now I have a quality game on my iPod that really makes me happy and passes time. There are very few tweaks that can be made to the game that I could pinpoint, so right now all I’m waiting for is some new levels. Hopefully, the developers will see serious potential in the game like I did, and take its development to the next level. I’d certainly love to see new levels, upgrades, and other things added each month!

Since the game was just recently released, it is still going through its introductory price phase. It is, for a limited time only $2.99 and on September 13 (tomorrow) will go back up to its original price. Though I highly recommend getting the game now, you may want to try out the free lite version. So if you plan on getting a great price for a phenomenal game, act now.