TwinSpin App Review – Pop Balloons Using a Pair of Jovial Blobs

This week wasn’t huge for game releases, but it certainly did hold a few treats in store. Released yesterday from an otherwise flash developer, is TwinSpin ($0.99) brings to the table a new type of puzzling, arcade gameplay to the iOS platform with its countless ways to satisfy gamers of all type.

TwinSpin involves pillaging through a colorful world littered with a host of harmful hazards in hopes of popping balloons, navigating past spiky balls and bombs, sliding on slippery ice and a whole lot more. You’ll be posed with doing so with the main characters in the game. Controlling two blob-like, spherical, joyous sprites with a stick connecting both to one another, one of the pair will stay firmly in one place while the other constantly pivots around – by tapping the screen, the orbiting blob stays put while the other begins to move. The pattern repeats itself to move the twosome across the screen, which takes some time to adjust to hence the difficulty curve.

As you slowly hone your skills and accommodate yourself with the fairly unique control method, the levels will progressively take you through the various aspects of the game. Beginning easy, the levels eventually ramp up in difficulty by introducing new factors into the mix; you’ll start with popping one button, which will soon multiply, and then levels will be populated by treacherous hazards implemented to cause havoc across the game’s 70 levels. Your ultimate goal is to pop all of the balloons, which is augmented by the inclusion of different types of balloons and other things. By doing so in the fastest time possible will secure you a different star rating dependent on the time inputted for each level.

It seems extremely simple, and it is, but the whole concept also has a slightly more complex side to it. Mastering the control method is a challenge in itself and all of the added obstacles inevitably cause the game to become an inextricable tangle of enjoyable gameplay. It’s great how the one-tap control mechanism is maintained throughout to keep the game a bit less hectic.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a story behind the game’s premise, but everything seems rather happy considering the circumstances. While the blobs are always smiling gleefully they’re traversing through a checkered world that is absolutely packed to the brim with fatal objects – it’s ironic yet actually admirable. Even lacking a real story, or a backbone in truth, the game does a great job in keeping the experience fresh and lively.

Once you adopt the control method, the game becomes a blast, simply said which is much better with the included additions that are consistently making first appearances throughout the span of the game. With the artwork style that matches the theme flawlessly, Twin Spin is a thrill to play and surely a no-brainer at its mere $0.99 price tag.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="Bright, cheery and colorful are the moods of the game demonstrated by the cutesy, cartoon artwork which is both appealing and enticing for fans of casual, arcade games." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="Nothing special to be noted here." cat2rating="4" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="The premise is one not ever seen on the App Store, which has been executed at an optimal level of perfection." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="There's room for improvement if some tweaks are made, of which I can't really pinpoint exactly, because of the learning curve before you can fully begin to enjoy the game." cat4rating="3.5" cat5title="Content" cat5detail="There's nothing other to say than the developers have launched strongly. Honestly, I doubt there's any room for updates - that's how complete the game currently is." cat5rating="5" summary=" inextricable tangle of enjoyable gameplay."]

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