Tweet Speaker App Review – Audible Twitter Timeline

Save for a few tweaks available by means of jailbreaking your device and downloading via Cydia, Siri doesn’t yet have the capability, or permission as she states, to read your Twitter timeline out to you. As a worthy alternative, Tweet Speaker ($0.99) has been on the App Store for some time now, and it does just that – it reads your tweets our one by one; quite a tedious job without the help of App Cubby’s useful utility.

As soon as you authenticate your Twitter account with Tweet Speaker, you can start using its unique functions. While it may be a lengthy process to listen to every one of your tweets in your timeline, especially if you’re following hundreds of people and tweets simply flood in, you’ve got the option to listen to your mentions or alternatively, like we’ve stated, the app will load all of your timeline tweets. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a bar that can be dragged right and left to adjust the time of the day. Directly above, a play button will begin the reading of your tweets.

Reading has been executed almost flawlessly. A man’s voice will read your tweets to you, not forgetting to omit @names, replies and all of the likes. As he’s reading, you’ve got the option to retweet, reply, view a conversation between people and favorite a certain tweet thanks to the buttons layering the tweet’s text area. I would’ve found the application more useful has it catered to everyone’s preferences like it already sort of does: right now, you can change the speed of the speaking but there aren’t multiple voices available to be chosen from. Regardless, the whole process is near seamless.

All of App Cubby’s application pay an incredible attention to detail. The UI mixes dark shades and wooden textures creating the perfect amount of contrast between the various buttons within the application, tweet background and more. The same stands for Tweet Speaker, which retains a great look.

It’s a simple application, though certainly a useful one if you want to lock your iPhone, kick back and hear tweets read out loud while Tweet Speaker runs in the background. For anything more than a dollar, purchasing would be debatable, however, the current price is a no-brainer.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="The various menus, textures and other graphics used go exceptionally well together." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="Tweet Speaker does what Siri unfortunately lacks, with style." cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="Everything is easily navigable and arranged perfectly." cat3rating="5" summary="Tweet Speaker - get it."]

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