Trip to the Apple Store

I’m from a small town and our nearest Apple Store is about an hour and half away. You’d think that me being such a big Apple fan that I would have made the trip before. But, I can honestly say that I have never stepped foot in an Apple Store until this weekend. Here is the story…

I made a trip down to Houston, Texas for my cousin’s wedding. The day of the wedding she treated all the bridesmaids to a spa day. We were all relaxing and enjoying some much needed calmness among the chaos when I shifted in my pedicure chair and sent my iPhone flying into the water. We all just sat there staring at the water for several moments before I realized it was my phone that made the plunking sound. I reached into the water and pulled it out. It was still on! I dried it off the best I could and tried to make a call. It worked but I couldn’t hear anything. So I sent a text and it went through just fine! At this point I was so glad I could at least text. But, by the time my toes were painted and dry my phone was shot. I have insurance on my phone through Worth Ave. Group so I knew the most out of my pocket would be my $50 deductible but I was mad at myself for letting this happen.

Once we got back to the hotel, I searched for the nearest Apple Store. Lucky for me the closest one was only about 15 minutes away. Soon after, I walked in to the Apple Store for the first time and was shocked that I could barely make it in the door. It was like someone dropped a sugar cube in the middle of the store and all the ants were attacking it trying to get a bite. Nevertheless, I was immediate approached and asked how I could be helped. I explained that my phone had liquid damage and they told me I’d need to make an appointment. Ack! An appointment, the wedding was going to start in 2 hours, I needed help now. She told me she’d see what was available and make an appointment for me. Then she said, how about 2:40? I asked what time it was and she said 2:35. Uh, Yeah! I can wait 5 minutes! Shortly after a guy walked up to me and asked me what was going on. I told him the story and he asked if I had ever had any damage before. I told him no and batted my eyes furiously thinking maybe I could talk him down to me paying the $199 price instead of full retail when he said, he had damaged his phone several times. His first time, someone helped him out. Today, he was going to help me out. So he swapped out my phone at no cost! I was so grateful and so amazed! What type of company does that? Apple, and that is why they have some of the best customer service around. He told me that on a typical Saturday there are about 50 employees in the store. I know that my experience may not have been the norm but it also isn’t unheard of. Apple takes care of their customers and that is part of why we all love their products. Thank you, Apple!

Written by Mary Ryan