Today Weather App Review – The Weather Utility We’ve All Been Waiting For

Too many weather apps exist on the App Store, all similar in most aspects and not enough differing to an extent that would make them worthwhile. While some are pleasantly informative in some areas, they’re skimpy in others leaving the need for the total, ideal iOS weather utility a glaring one…until now. Thankfully, that need has been satisfied with Savvy Apps’ newest addition to its App Store collection, Today Weather ($1.99).

A welcome derivation from the company’s usual, and an exploration into a different genre, Today Weather is the optimal solution for those seeking all-around weather information. A simple system that consists of three “layers” and a few gesture-based controls, the app provides you with current weather information as well as highly-dependable forecasts for the near future.

Most weather apps that are currently housed within the App Store focus on one core premise: simplicity. While this is certainly not a bad concentration, often times the apps will offer one feature while omitting another essential one, requiring the utilization of two weather apps used in conjunction with one another.

Sure, if you’re the type of person who wants weather and nothing else, The Weather Channel is probably the best application in your point of view. It does exactly what some people prefer by providing them with loads and loads of useful information. However, if you’re like me, you appreciate the visual qualities of an app. That said, most of the premium weather applications that make an effort to be somewhat appealing aesthetically aren’t quite nailing it. The majority of the assortment of weather apps that are available offer only current weather, and, in some extremely unique situations, the temperature/forecast in 3-hour time intervals. What I look for? A full 36-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation and all of the rest.

For that reason, Today Weather was awing the first time I opened it after receiving an email from the developer notifying me of its release. The app manages to look incredibly modern and classy, while also providing a ton of information that can all be accessed with a slew of simple swipes and touches.

The app consists of three different layers: an overview where you can add and edit the amount of locations you want weather information for, a dashboard with essential weather information displayed for all of your locations, and a view that allows you to go in-depth with each of your locations. The last of the three shows highs and lows, a forecast for every fourth hour, chance of precipitation, and wind speed and direction. A weekly forecast with precipitation and highs and lows as well as a 36-hour forecast can be accessed by swiping to the right or left, respectively, while viewing the last of the three aforementioned layers.

Today Weather takes a seemingly large amount of essential information, and consolidates it all into one simple, easily-navigable application. As a whole, the app surpasses the visual quality of many competitors, with dark backgrounds and beautiful hints and accents.

Once you put everything into consideration, the final product is almost impossible to resist. It’s simple, intuitive and enticingly gorgeous – all three of these are the makings of a great app that we fully recommend for $1.99.

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