Time Geeks: Find All! App Review – My Expectations Met And Passed

After posting about Time Geeks: Find All last week a few hours before its release, I was super pumped to get the game right away and start playing. It turns out, that my excitement and impressions about the game, weren’t let down!

If you’ve ever like Where’s Waldo, Time Geeks: Find All is a game that those of you out there would most definitely enjoy. The game has you completing a list of challenges which involve picking out different objects hidden among the huge picture that takes up a few screens.

The game has a very simple yet well designed interface making it best for you. First off, the menus are completely navigable. The buttons are responsive, and finding what you’re looking for is never too difficult. The game has the different challenges listed in one huge, draggable column, and clicking on one of these will start up the challenge. Since the world in which you observe is huge, the screen can be dragged about with the simple drag of your finger. In the top left corner, a button is displayed which activates a little thumbnail of the item you’re trying to find. Once you find the object, you simple click on it and if correct, you will be taken back to the challenges screen once again.

Each challenge has a different timer for which you will be ranked. Depending on how fast you find something, you will earn different star: the quicker the item is found, the better.

The main game mode, History Mode, has several missions that are unlocked once the one before has been completed (all challenges). The other game modes include Arcade, Relax, and 7 frantic minigames.

The game’s fun level is amazing to begin with, with each challenge delving you deeper into the game and getting you more involved. However, what’s even better is the pixel art style everything is presented in. Usually when you hear the phrase, Pixel Art-Style, what comes to mind? I instantly think of old fashioned pixelated graphics that will turn out the be horrendous. But, with the game, it’s the total opposite. The graphics don’t look bad, no. They’re rendered to absolute perfection. And even on top of that, if you have an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4 (like me) the game looks even more stunning because of the retina display support the developers have incorporated.

I’ve been having a tremendously fun time with the game lately especially with my new iPod. Gamecenter’s achievements and OpenFeint achievements make it that much more interesting. The game has over a hundred challenges ranging from extremely simple, to hair-yanking difficult. And for the low price tag of only $0.99, this unique blend of pixel art with cunning strategy is a game that I cannot recommend enough!