The Last Ace of Space App Review – A Quirky Tale of Gassy Pigs and More

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate getting a bit of humor out of applications, once in awhile, is pretty crazy. With its bizarre premise, colorful cartoon graphics and infinite replay value, The Last Ace of Space makes sure people like me, who do like something totally weird and funny, get our share of kicks.

Astro Cow’s first venture on the app store features characters completely irrelevant to each other: a gassy rocket-pig, a puking alien, extremely obese alien and more. The story is that all of the aliens on a foreign planet for Ace and his friend, the pig, want the partners dead. You’ll need to [attempt to] run [forever], avoiding the spontaneously appearing enemies, which will include having to do a series of furious tapping, jumping, shooting, flicking, sliding and more!

If you haven’t already figured out, the game is another twist on the endless runner genre: you run as far as you can, until you die, basically making the game endless. But what does put it apart from the masses of games that share the same genre, is that you’re not only jumping over obstacles. Instead, you’ve got to jump, shoot flying enemies, flick other flying enemies, slide under fat enemies, and tap harder to run faster to avoid being eaten. It’s truly a unique experience, considering you’ll be in charge of doing all of those repeatedly. And the game developers have created a control scheme that makes it easy to do all of the above without clutter. If you mess up three times, the game ends.

At the moment, since it’s endless, the game has an infinite replay value, although more could be added to make the gameplay much better. Multiple game modes could be added, because right now, save for the fact that the characters are brilliant, the lack of variety could get a bit boring after awhile. Also, powerups or some sort of in-game store could be implemented, with time, to have incentive for the player and keep things fresh. Other than the occasional ride on the gassy pig, this aspect of the game is lacking. Just my two cents.

With such awesome characters, it would truly be a letdown if the artwork didn’t share that awesomeness. Thankfully, the two man team that made that game, evidently, aren’t the type of people to release an incomplete game: the artwork has a kind of cartoon theme with the thick, heavy borders that I’m a sucker for. Plus, the background soundtrack goes well with the premise – it seems to come straight out of a James Bone chase scene!

The Last Ace of Space is, to say the least, a satisfying, complete experience as a random twist on the common endless runner. It’s currently on sale for $0.99, so grab it now while you can, and attempt to save Ace and his buddy, the flatulent pig, from the aliens! There’s also a lite version available for those of you hesitant to purchase.

Gameplay video: