The Incident App Review – A Bird? A Plane? A…Bathtub???

What is that high up in the sky? A bird? A plane? A…bathtub?? With sharp and polished pixel styled artwork, a quite unique premise in mind, and a spot-on control scheme, The Incident [App Store] is the number one contender for all of you avoidance game lovers! Plus, it’s universal and runs flawlessly on any device!

In the game, you play as a man with a suit. Instead of everything being on the ground, (things that make up a city environment) they’re falling from the sky only for you to avoid them and get as high as you can.

You are given 5 lives to start out with. Each life has 3 hearts putting you with a total of 15 hearts. Every time you get hit directly by a falling object, you will lose a heart. Losing all three hearts will take away one of your lives.

You control the man with the simple tilt of your iPhone or iPod Touch, and the single click on the screen. The game utilizes the iDevice’s accelerometer to move the man left and right, while the touch screen is used to make the man jump. These controls are presented in the best way, instead of a complex series of buttons, and they’re completely responsive.

The game has 7 different environments to unlock. As you unlock the next environment, the setting will change not only with its altitude, but also its difficulty. The environments start to get harder and harder with more items falling at a quicker rate. Each of the environments has a different background vista. You start on the street, advance to the windows of the skyscrapers, and then ultimately make your way up to space.

I can’t express how much the game hooked me. Not only because of its unique premise, but also because of its intricate art style. The game is presented in a crisp, and polished pixel-style sort of way.

The only major complaint I have about the game is that it starts off way too slow and easy. The first environments is a breeze to get past with objects barely ever coming even an inch away from you. It took a couple of minutes even on the second environment for things to start ramping up for things to start falling more rapidly. I didn’t actually start worrying or break a sweat until I got to the third environments and many more things were approaching me at a more threatening distance. I also have a minor complaint which is why doesn’t the game have any sort of leaderboards? If you lay these aside, the game is one to remember. It has many different and peculiar things falling from the sky each rendered with the game’s pixel style.

Overall, The Incident is worth the 2 bucks you’ll be spending on it. I wish that it was a bit more difficult, but it will in fact be going into my “Favorite Endless Games” folder on my iPod Touch.