The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot App Review

After a short period of angry emails with Apple, previously flash developers, Halfbot got a copycat version of their hit flash game, The Blocks Cometh, off of the app store. This copy version took everything from the real, online one without the developer’s permission and milked some serious money off of it by making it considerably high up in the app store charts. While this ripoff developer was taking the glory of someone else’s game, the real developers were actually developing an official version of the game for iOS, and it has finally arrived on the app store: The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot. It’s B-A!

In the game, tetris-like blocks fall randomly from the top of the screen (excluding all of the complex shapes) where you must both avoid them while also use them to climb as high as possible. If you get crushed under one of the falling blocks or careen off of the bottom edge of the screen, the gameplay is over with your height being stacked up against many other gamers via OpenFeint/Game Center leaderboards. This seemingly simple gameplay turns into mayhem almost immediately just as any other endless game of the same category would. It also puts to test your skill to resist an almost overpowering allure!

You’ll be controlling one of four characters, with three being specific to the iOS version. The main man, Blockman is the only unlocked character in the beginning, but as you attain different heights, the others will gradually be available for play. Each character not only varies by artwork, but also by stats split up into three different performance categories. There’s the classic guy, the agent from League of Evil, the leaper/laser guy also from LoE, and Destructoid’s mascot. Some have perks in areas where others do not. For control of the characters, the game adapts the classic d-pad-style control method with two arrows on the bottom for left and right movement, an A-button for jumping/double-jumping, and a B-button for breaking threatening blocks on demand. In addition, there are tilt controls which simply exclude the right and left arrow keys.

The difficulty of the gameplay starts to ramp up pretty quickly as you progress through the endless possible heights; that’s just the amazing part of the game which you don’t find too often. As your hands start to sweat due to the intense conditions of the game, think about how a frustrating aspect is maintained while also being an extremely fun premise!

I know for one thing I’d like to see more content on top of the already considerable amount that there is. Maybe some more environments or upgrades. Along with the different characters, there are moving backgrounds during gameplay which kind of add a sense of depth and height – all rendered with a slick pixel-style – well, as slick as it can be.

Being as simple as it is, The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot can be played anywhere at anytime. The app store started its long hike up the mountain when it was first introduced, but you wouldn’t believe that it hasn’t reached the summit yet if you take a look at the quality of the games on the store nowadays – The Blocks Cometh just adds to the select bests! It’s not questionable: for $0.99, it’s something every iPhone gamer should own!