iPhone Alley’s Favorite CES 2011 Products

The iPhone Alley team is back from Vegas and finally caught up on sleep. The city of Vegas never sleeps, so neither did we. We had a great time both inside and outside of the convention center and even as a whole we came back with more money than we left with. Success! If you have never been to CES, quite honestly, you are missing out on the technological mecca. The second we pulled up to the Las Vegas Convention Center, as far as you could see were people just like us. Masses of techies playing on their iPhones, bragging to their friends about where they are and drooling over all the cool new products for the up and coming year. There are three exhibit halls the size of Texas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. All three were full as far as the eye could see with booth after booth of tvs, iPhone cases, headphones, tablets, accessories, computers, speakers, etc. We made a pretty good dent in the exhibit halls but I’m sure there are many that we didn’t even make it to. We saw several products that caught our eye and since you could not be there with us, we would like to share. Some of the best products are the small ones off the beaten path.

Mi Suny makes a super cool mod style charging sleeve. Not only will it charge your iPhone or iPad when you slide it into the sleeve, but it will also charge via a solar panel on the back. Charging your phone on the go, could not be any easier with this product. There are two parts to why I love this product. First, it is like those charging docks, without the dock. You can throw your phone up on your car dash and charge your phone with the solar panel. Done! The solar panel works with artificial light as well. So, let me get this straight. I slide my iPhone or iPad in the cute little sleeve and put it out in the light and it charges. Or I can charge via the case itself? Win! This product is great and a must have!

iBallz wins the prize for the best iPad accessory. We saw this guy repeatedly and I mean repeatedly throw his iPad on the floor and it happily bounced unharmed. They call this accessory a tablet stabilizing and shock absorbing harness. I WISH I had an iPad just so I could get one of these suckers. The gray, black or turquoise balls fit snugly on each corner of the iPad. You can even hold the iPad by one of the tension cords along the side. This is one product, you need to check out. Not only do they have a cool product, but they have the business side down; Their website is definitely cool!

If you are a skin lover then the iaPeels skin will blow your mind. This product will allow you to print your own personal skin from any picture you have and sync it with your wallpaper so it’s one full smooth image. I got the chance to try it out, and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about getting it on straight. The instructions are fool proof and I got the skin on perfect the first time. It gives the phone a nice grip that makes it much easier to hold and leaves no residue when you take it off. This product wins all around.

As my own personal favorite, DryCase has a product I really need. An airtight waterproof case for iPhones, iPads and more. I spend most of my summer afternoons at the pool. Since I’m scared of my phone getting wet, it usually stays in the car. With a DryCase, my phone will be coming to the pool with me. The case allows full screen access and normal operation of the phone. Whether you own a boat, surf, swim or ski, this product allows you to prevent water damage to your device. These guys will also be at MacWorld next week, so if you are attending, stop by booth #316 and say hello.

For all you gamers out there, specifically iPad gamers, Ten One Designs has a super cool thumb joystick for you. These swirly joysticks, stick on with a suction cup and allow you to move around the screen without touching the screen itself. They work with hundreds of apps out there. I had never seen anything like this before and when I asked him if there were any others out there like it, he said there is one that is an actual joystick that sits right above the home button. These are so much better than that, I can definitely see this being a big product in the future. It is products like this that make CES so incredible.

Cases were a dime a dozen at CES, with all of them explaining why theirs is better. Come on, folks…a hard case is a hard case, enough said. However, the TRTL BOT case was different. With its ingenious design, I was amazed. Why has someone not thought of this sooner!? It is your standard hard case, nothing fancy except for the spot in the back to keep a drivers license and a credit card. I love this idea, it’s a match made in heaven like vanilla ice cream and apple pie. For all the guys out there who want to eliminate their wallet or for the girls wanting to lighten the load on a night on the town, this case is different!

We saw countless products, too many to list but these few were gems in our eyes. It’s hard to stand out in a crowd of 120,000+. Next week, we are heading out to MacWorld in San Francisco. We can’t wait to see what goodies we will find. If you are not planning to attend, tune in after we get back and we will fill you in on all the great finds.