Terrorist Zombies App Review – A Fun Game With Everything But Polish

The FPS genre has seen many war games. But it’s never seen a game with the amount of uniqueness that Appular’s newest title in collaboration with Champion Software, Terrorist Zombies runs on.

You’ve played a game that has zombies in it. I assure you. Not literally, but every game on the app store has to have a zombie in it to be qualified as a “game in the app store”, correct? There are so many games with zombies being the main figures in them; however never suicidal, terrorist zombies that want to kill you. I assure you.

In Terrorist Zombies, you play as a lone marine called on a mission to eliminate all of the people affected by a disease causing them to become suicide bomber zombies. Based on the fact that the marine is always wearing a no sleeve t-shirt no matter which environment he’s in, including an Arctic one, I’m guessing that he must be a hardy man with the abilities close to those of Chuck Norris’. – just a hunch. You’ll play through a series of waves where zombies will approach your base, and you have to prevent them from coming too close and blowing themselves up which also hurts you. This done with the initial pistol provided to you and also by the bigger, badder guns able to be purchased from the in-game menu. If your health gauge that runs up the left side of the screen completely depletes the game is over.

As waves progress, different types of zombies start to enter the screen. Some may be stronger, some may be weaker, or some may stay the same. For killing a zombie, you get points which can be spent in the in-game store which has all kinds of different weapons from simple, meek ones to more BA, hardcore ones.

Though I’d classify the game as a first-person shooter, you cannot control the actual movement of your marine. Throughout the whole time you play, he will stand in exactly one place. Instead you solely control where and when he shoots. Shooting is done by dragging the target-point that always stays on the screen to the place where you want to shoot. There would be a ton of cons if the developers hadn’t done this properly, but they have managed to do a pretty good job. You can drag anywhere on the screen to move the target which is something that I like instead of having to drag on the target which would ultimately block out the exact place you’d be shooting. By letting you drag everywhere, your finger is not coming in the way. There is, though, still a con with this method. Once you get to different types of zombies that approach you, they start to move more making it hard to pinpoint their exact location with the target and shoot them; often these zombies make it to my base and explode which has been the cause of my death several times.

This core gameplay can be extremely engaging and is an overall pretty unique idea. The one problem that I had with the game was its artwork. The actual graphics aren’t that bad and could be realistic looking, however they are extremely rough and rather lackluster. If “smoothed out” the game would be absolutely amazing!

If the main idea of Terrorist Zombies piques your interest, it’s worth a spin for the $0.99.

This video is of a previous version of the game released a few months back. It was reworked and published by Appular. Some things may have changed between then and now.