TaskFlow App Review – Task Organization with a Stunning UI

Most times, procrastination is the path many of us resort to when it’s essential that a certain task is completed within a respectable matter of time. TaskFlow ($0.99), however, aims to ease that feeling of resentment by providing you with a worthy interface, scheduled reminders, an accordingly arranged plethora of easily navigable menus and more – it, simply said, will actually create a desire to complete tasks.

With TaskFlow, you can easily keep track of your life. Thanks to the great user interface, navigation within the application is simplified to the utmost extent. However, there is one caveat that made the whole process a little flawed for me. You can read about that a little further down…

Though it’s not new, TaskFlow is packed with excellent features that you cannot find similarly consolidated in any other application currently on the App Store. With reminders, timers and notes, you’ll be able to organize every aspect of your life using just one, amazing looking, package.

Considering everything that’s included, it’s only natural to wonder how well the whole thing has been executed. Fortunately, it’s not a jumble of things like I’d horridly pictured in my imaginative mind, but its menus have instead been arranged in an orderly manner. As soon as you open the application, you’ll be greeted with the main navigation panel. From here you can reach every corner of the application and come back in a breeze.

The most prominent Quick Menu, is one click away from the main meat of the application. Below, is the bone structure with the custom checklists. Here, you can create different checklists depending on your hobbies. Since I write reviews and articles, you may see one of my checklists entitled “iPhone Alley” with various tasks that need to be completed for the maintenance of this blog and such.

Adding new tasks is a simple affair. You just navigate to whichever section of the application it’s your desire to input it into and click the little plus button layering the top of the screen. Here you’ll be able to add a title, select priority, add a due date and even pick from a long, long list of representative icons – with so many available, it’s difficult to not find one not in the slightest way related to your task. After adding the task, you’ll see your whole list which can be filtered through based on various criteria, including due date, color of priority and more and can also be assigned a reminder which will show up in notification center; the whole process is nearly seamless.

There’s a learning curve when it comes down to managing your tasks, creating new folders and such with TaskFlow, which was my one and only gripe. Although the menus are correctly arranged and can easily be sifted through to find anything you could possibly searching for, there aren’t real labels for everything. Instead, Icetap, the developers, have tried to get everything across to you with polished icons, so it does take some experimenting before you can start to utilize TaskFlow’s full potential.

TaskFlow aims high and delivers just a bit short, but that’s ok and expected from an application with so many boasting points. It did have a few bugs that I encountered, though they weren’t game changing, and the developers are actively working on getting a fix out there.

If you haven’t gotten our vibe yet, the graphical elements of this application and flawless. From the icon, to the menus, to the little eye-grabbing icons and more – the talent of the artist over at Icetap is beyond what words can describe. Everything oozes with polish and has the potential to literally drop your jaws to the ground.

We’ve seen a countless amount of other applications of comparable breed, but no other meets the standards of Taskflow. For $0.99, there’s no debating whether or not you should purchase this highly desirable application that will make keeping track of your daily affairs a piece of cake.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="You don't usually see an application of this quality everyday regardless of the genre - it's a gem among utilities." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="Everything you need in one application." cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="You can't deny that once you learn how to use it, which doesn't take much time, app is easy to navigate through." cat3rating="5" summary="For $0.99, there's no debating whether or not you should purchase this highly desirable application that will make keeping track of your daily affairs a piece of cake."]

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