‘Tank – A Snazzy Little Gas Finder’ App Review

Gas has gotten quite expensive these days with various affairs that create influxes in prices, so those of us residing in the US want the optimum prices to refuel their vehicles. With Tank – A Snazzy Little Gas Finder (Free/$0.99), finding the best prices is a breeze – and it’s pretty too.

Tank offers a charming user interface that evidently pays a large amount of attention to detail from every one of its various nooks and corners to the other. Starting with the entirely snazzy icon, representative of the name, to its many buttons that layer the beautiful backgrounds, Tank is definitely a great looking application. But that’s not its only strong point.

Rather than relying solely on information that is generated based on user-inputted information, Tank fetches its data straight from national gas pricing indexes. This promises up to date prices that are updated accurately every time a purchase is made. Once you open the application, you’ll be prompted to either enter a zip code or find your current location (or the unique Trips feature covered later). Doing either will fetch the nearest, cheapest gas depending on the type of gas selected. Different types of gases can be selected by simply tapping the icon at the top right that will allow the user to access the dashboard. The distance from your location as well as the price are displayed below the station name and by clicking on a specific station, you’ll be shown the station’s address, an option to navigate to the address, the prices for all grades and also a list of other amenities that the station offers excluding gas.

Though the UI has been both thought out flawlessly and is also seemingly designed using the hand of a professional, there were a few flaws that I could pick out. Tank does show the user the most affordable prices for every grade of gas from regular to diesel, however, it isn’t very efficient. If you’re needing gas, sometimes you may not have very large of a range and many of the stations displayed are typically pretty far away. There’s really no point of travelling this distance to save a few cents when you’ll probably be spending that much with the trip. Within the settings menu of the app, if you could specify a maximum distance from your current location or filter the results by closest, the experience would be that much better.

The difference between the free and pro versions? As you can see, the application has two variants: a free version and a pro version. There’s a few minor differences between the two, but the latter only contains one thing of noticeable advantage. Other than the ads that the free version has, it is lacking of the Trips feature that the pro version so cleverly boasts. This option allows users to specify a trip that they’ll be taking, and the application will display the cheapest gas station for points along your trip for the maximum satisfaction, so you can better plan your trip.

We will have a few promo codes to distribute for the pro version sometime soon. Regardless, Tank has a few elements that are absolutely irresistible for anyone seeking the cheapest gas prices. If the issue with distance is rectified, we here at iPhone Alley would recommend it to the fullest extent – we still do for its beautiful interface and easy navigation.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="From the introductory splash screen to the application's every button Tank has been designed to the utmost quality." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="You can't deny that gas prices are constantly on the rise. Finding the best prices was a great idea that has been executed well in the form of Tank, however, our issue with the distance was a bit hindering." cat2rating="4" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="The dashboard has been made easily accessible, and navigating is simple." cat3rating="5" summary="There's satisfaction knowing you've got the best gas prices available regardless of the desired grade - pick up Tank."]

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