‘Super Lemonade Factory’ App Review – A Blend of Good & Bad

The name is probably the first thing that you notice about an application before all of the screenshots, the description and all that other jazz of the same sort. There are pros and cons to having a funky name: enticing potential customers who are simply intrigued and turning off others. Although Super Lemonade Factory ($0.99) isn’t the most coherent title, it doesn’t take away from the pure excitement that the recently released mix of platforming and puzzles boasts.

Using the economic downfall proceeding the Civil War as a general time period, Super Lemonade Factory puts you in control of a couple who are in the process of taking over their family-owned lemonade factory. You’ll navigate through a multitude of levels, which are frustrating in the exact opposite way than desired, as you attempt to grasp the basics needed to become manager of the factory.

Playing as Liselot and Andre, levels need to be conquered using both of their perks. Somehow, at the beginning of each of the 72 levels, the pair find themselves separated. You’ll need to get them to the exit simultaneously by switching control of either by simply swiping the screen accordingly. Using Liselot’s extremely high double jump, her conversational skills and crate pushing ability alongside Andre’s crate smashing power and strength enabling him to lift Liselot on his bare back, you’ll strategically guide them to a level’s finish.

For those who want that little extra feeling of excitement upon completing a level, items have been littered throughout each level at locations that would otherwise be off track. They demand a bit more on the player’s part.

Like many of the platformers that iOS has to offer, Super Lemonade Factory works with a set of on-screen controls. Left and right arrows will control left and right movement, respectively, a jump button will do just that and various other swipes will take care of the rest of the needed functions. The controls are responsive and subtle, not taking up much room at the bottom of the screen.

Super Lemonade Factory doesn’t fail to include enough content to get your teeth into. After all, it has a total of 72 levels and many obstacles that both suffice. However, the levels have been designed opposite of deviously, to say the least. After some time, the initial burst of excitement you’ll encounter when first playing the game dies down and the levels rather become quite a burden to play through. Additionally, the attempted at puzzling gameplay has been short-lived in truth; the level design hardly manages to challenge.

The whole thing is bundled into a gentle pixel package. All the game’s assets have been crafted with care, and they lend themselves nicely to the theme of the game. Accompanying chiptunes liven up the experience to an extent.

Gameplay rapidly became boring and didn’t keep me compelled for too long, which is unfortunate because the game’s artwork, sound and content aspects have been executed brilliantly. It’s fun while it lasts; asking anything other than the current $0.99 sale price wouldn’t be ideal nor worth the purchase. Currently, though, it’s worth the buck for a quick, mere thrill.

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