Super Blast 2 App Review – A Fun Little Delicacy of the App Store

Super Blast 2 from Phantoom Entertainment is the long awaited sequel to their previous endeavor which is currently free. Just released today, Super Blast 2 is a casual yet also intense shmup that while being incredibly addictive, can also be a little repetitive.

The game, alike the prequel, is a vertical shoot em up that has you blasting away at annoying creeps to achieve the highest score possible. You have three super blasts, and 100 units of health to start off with, and the power of bullets in your hands.

With a simple gameplay mechanism, the game retains the title of being an endless title. Instead of a lengthy story mode or such, the game features only one mode which is a “see how long you can last” type of thing. As soon as you open up the game, you’ll notice the crisp graphics and its soothing background music which carries onto the game in the form of an enticing more intense soundtrack. You select the level of difficulty that you want to play at and then you start playing.

Enemies will enter the screen through the top, starting off easy and then picking up pace as you go on. The enemies, as you progress, will start to threaten you more sometimes even shooting at you. That’s why you have full health, and with each hit lose 10 o your 100. At the moment, there is only one control method which is tilt. You tilt your device right and left to control the movement of your character. Though the tilt sensitivity seems just about right, I’d like to see a touch option too for times when you cannot play properly using the accelerometer.

There’s no control to shoot, and rather there is the autofire feature that you see in some shmups. Your character constantly shoots. There will be powerups that periodically float into the screen which can give you anything from extra health to a more powerful weapon that deals more damage. With each kill you get, more points are added to your overall stash which can be raised even more with the strategic use of combos.

Dying is pretty easy because of course the game can’t go on forever. There are two ways: one is by losing all of your health. The other which usually occurs before the first is if an enemy passes by you successfully. You might think that keeping all of the enemies contained would be hard, but because of your weapon which many times kills with one shot makes it easy.

I really like the amount of variation the one mode of the game has. There are tons of different types of enemies with bosses appearing every now and then to challenge you. If you’ve played long enough, you’ll notice the environment in which you play change every time which is something else I admire. Along with the cute and quirky graphics, the game does have a significant amount of content in its one game mode.

Though the game has its high points, it really only has one game mode which can get a tad bit repetitive after just a few rounds. I would really like to see a new addition to the game, because it really has got potential and if the developers were to pursue it this could be a huge hit.

If you’re looking for a quality top-down shooter, look no further than Super Blast 2. Including the updated graphics, the game is a large improvement of the prequel which is currently free and and should be tried as well. Phantoom Entertainment have created a nice little game and have stuck a generous price tag on it. Don’t miss out on this $0.99 gem!