Subway Surfers App Review – A Casual Work of Brilliance

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Subway Surfers (free) from Kiloo Games. It’s a breathe of fresh air from the usual hardcore 3D games I play as it combines good old arcade fun with an original concept to power it all.

The goal of Subway Surfers is to run the furthest distance without being caught by a policeman and his dog chasing after you. Each run is preceded by a short animation of the main character spraying graffiti on a train, and then running off along the tracks after being caught by a (rather fat) policeman.

As the character is running along the train tracks, you must guide him to duck, jump and dodge any obstacles that come in his way. There might be a ramp which you’ll need to run up and jump off, a warning sign that you’ll need to duck under or even a few trains which are there to ‘surf’. That’s the best bit by far – once you run onto the top of a train carriage via a ramp, you can hop onto other moving trains. The speed at which they move towards the screen entices you even more, and makes you concentrate that little bit more.

As with any arcade game, there are golden coins to collect. They are placed rather cleverly on the tracks, whether it’s above the trains or right in front of them – they lead you right into danger. You’re bound to go for that extra coin and lose out because you didn’t see that train coming towards you. These gold coins can be traded for extra power-ups and other little perks.

Subway Surfers is a highscore game. That’s clear from the distance meter in the top-right of your screen. But there’s also another counter before you hit ‘Play’. This seems to increase every time you collect more coins, so it isn’t really a test of how good you are at dodging trains but rather how much you play the game.

Kiloo have definitely thought long and hard about Subway Surfers. The fun doesn’t stop at the super-simple swipe controls, as they have also added three power-ups which you can collect in-game. There’s a Golden Boot that makes you jump even higher (over trains for example), a ’2X’ icon that doubles your coin count and a Jetpack that takes you high into the sky and collect even more coins. They don’t last forever, so you have to make the most of them.

Once you’ve beaten your own highscore, you can compare yourself to the world with GameCenter. There are some really addicted people out there, so you probably don’t have a chance at competing with them. If they happen to be too good for you, have a go at the different challenges that are given three at a time, such as ‘Collect 200 coins in one run’. They’re much harder than you think.

I can’t think of any other graphical style that would suit Subway Surfers more than what Kiloo have included. The game’s sprites are so simple yet unique and add to the whole casual style of the game. The bright colours make it that much more attractive and make me want just one more go.

If you have completed Jetpack Joyride’s missions, or any other highscore casual game for that matter, you should pick up Subway Surfers. It’s got all the fun, entertainment and competitiveness you will ever need in an iPhone game. Plus it’s completely free meaning there’s no risk in downloading it.

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Written by guest writer Daven Gomes.