Solipskier App Review

Solipskier, recently hit the app store making its grand debut. Being a flash port, I pounced on it seeking to see if it lived up to all of the good 5 star ratings on the app store/iTunes. Truth is, it does, and it is in fact a wonderful combo of Canabalt and iStunt.

Basically, the game’s got you drawing your own snowy slops with the slight touch of your finger for the skier to ski down (and up). You touch the screen with your index finger on the right side, and with that you can create slopes, steep hills, and big ramps. This method is great, and without doubt it seems better than the flash version’s method of using the mouse.

Along the way, you’ll find a series of green gates and blue tunnels that can be passed through for more points, and to build up a combo. Passing through these can increase your speed also.

The game has received many five star ratings on iTunes, and it most definitely lives up to the expectations. With the game, you don’t get just a simple endless mode, but however a whole package of things. A nice color theme, stunning colorful artwork that starts with the wonderful looking icon and continues on to the actual gameplay, great and responsive controls that fit the game’s premise, and last but not least two fitting soundtracks to enlighten the experience.

As said in the last paragraph, the game poses an interesting color scheme. Once you start playing you will, or you should notice the grayness, blackness, and whiteness of everything making it have a dark but also light in its own way feel to it. The background houses a nice pattern of shadow swallowed trees, peaky mountains, and a sky full of clouds. This being very interesting, adds to the overall gaming experience making it more enticing.

Usually I don’t take much interest to a game’s soundtrack, but it’s hard to miss this game’s one. The menu is simple with calming, breeze-like music, but once you start playing a hardcore rock tune starts playing which fits perfectly with the action of the game.

The game made it’s debut just a few days ago, and since that day I have been trying to hit the slopes whenever possible. Speaking in general terms the game’s price tag isn’t particularly low, but for the amount of satisfaction that you receive out of this game, $2.99 is totally fair. For those of you still debating, you can try out the flash version here absolutely free.

Overall, the game holds a challenge for those of you up to take it. The simplicity of the game puts it into the endless category making it playable anywhere: at home, at work, in a line, on an elevator, on the train, or any other place you can play without getting in trouble for being addicted. For the price, I say give it a go.