Soccer Rally Euro 2012 App Review

As you can probably tell by the name, Soccer Rally Euro 2012 ($0.99) is a spin-off the upcoming continental tournament using vehicles as the players. It’s a bit like that Top Gear episode for those fans of the motorshow, where you control a single car to roll a giant soccer ball into your opponent’s net.

Immediately after opening the app, you will be prompted to enter either single player mode or multiplayer. The multiplayer mode works on both the iPad and iPhone, so you can have two friends sitting either side of the device to play against each other. It didn’t lag on my iPhone although it’s a little too small to play on the iPhone’s 3.5″ screen.

The controls are extremely simple and easy to get used to. There are three buttons on-screen – accelerate, turn left and turn right. At first I thought that a reverse pedal would be a nice addition but then I realised that it would take all the fun out of turning 180-degrees on-the-spot. The rush of doing so in order to face your opponent and block their shot is a huge part of the thrill.

Single player mode offers a quick exhibition match or the full Euro 2012 tournament. The coolest thing about the tournament was that all the group matches you start off with reflect the actual groups in the real Euro 2012. So if you picked Portugal, you would be up against Holland, Denmark and Germany. Scary.

You can tell that the graphics were a particular point that the developers focused on. They look extremely crisp on my iPhone 4′s retina display and the lighting gives a much more realistic look – despite the crazy (but awesome) idea of a game. The AI is also extremely clever. If you run into them, sometimes they will put up a fight and drive back. Most of the time they really go for goal and barge the ball into your net.

My only single complaint about the game is the size of the pitch. It probably takes up half the available screen space that could be used to drive further or make things clearer. I appreciate that the developers tried to make it even more realistic by adding in rotating adverts on the side and glass on the sides, but I would rather have more game space than all that.

Soccer Rally Euro 2012 is an extremely fun game that takes time to get used to. You don’t need to be an avid fan of the sport to enjoy it – just a player with patience and good handling skills.

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Written by guest writer Daven Gomes.