Slingshot Racing App Review – Beautifully Redefines the Common Racing Formula

Judging by the App Store’s record, I wouldn’t completely endorse developers trying out new, exotic controls schemes for their games in the likes of success – people [usually] won’t like change. However, in the case of CM Games’ newest release, Slingshot Racing ($0.99), they’ve mastered a new control scheme and have applied it to the racing genre in the form of an irresistible, universal package.

CM Games’ have produced some pretty nice (and certainly very successful) titles for the iOS platform as a whole. They’ve ventured into the depths of platforming, ball-rolling, RPGs, strategy and now racing – the last of which is undoubtedly their best endeavor yet.

Slingshot Racing is nothing like your traditional racing game. It differs greatly from every single other racer you’ve ever seen; forget the steering wheel, forget the gas pedal and say hola to slingshots. Your whole race lies in control of one single touch on the screen.

Like the title suggests, each map will have tall towers placed accordingly. Tapping on the screen will deploy a grappling hook to the closest one and will control when and how you turn. This requires the utmost amount of precision as releasing or tapping too early or late can result in hindered performance. That said, there’s a learning curve involved with the game, but the scheme has been executed so flawlessly that it’s completely worth it in retrospect.

You’ll race through the career mode (pun intended) in just a few hours. Fortunately, though, this journey of racing is packed with content and fun, competitive racing throughout. The career mode is divvied into multiple zones of play that increasingly get more and more difficult. These are further divided into four races each with a dedicated goal: race against AI opponents for first place, complete a given number of laps in a required time, escape from crazed bulldozers (otherwise known as the grinder), and more. Doing exceptional on these will earn you anywhere from one to three cogs, rather than stars, which are used to unlock more races.

It was a shame to see the aforementioned mode end so early. Unless you have plans of constantly trying to improve your performance, you’ll be done in absolutely no time. While the AI is challenging and the different goals are well-developed, I would have liked to see more actual racing; there’s certainly room for more in potential content updates.

There’s an additional mode that allows you to play against up to three other friends on the same device. Each player has their own corner to tap for grappling, and the game’s whole premise lends itself to a mode like such. This form of multiplayer is limited to one device though; online multiplayer isn’t included.

Slingshot is as stunning aesthetically as it is in every other aspect. Steampunk-style sprites populate the game’s many environments, and a gorgeous lighting system has been put to use. Whatever it takes, muster up the mere $0.99 introductory asking price and go purchase Slingshot Racing today. Without the slightest doubt, it’s a marvel among the other racing titles on the App Store.

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