Samurai II: Vengeance App Review – Hack ‘n’ Slash Gaming At The Absolute Max!

A little while ago, a new game was introduced on the app store attracting tons of customers and making a huge impact with its debut. This app, Samurai: Way of the Warrior was featured twice (if I recall correctly) on FAAD. The main character made Chuck Norris seriously look cute, and Bruce Lee like an infant with his amazing sword skills and fancy off-the-wall moves. And thanks to the fan’s wish, the samurai is back for revenge on his most hated enemy: Orochi in Samurai II: Vengeance.

I never was a fan of the first only because at the time of its release I wasn’t too big on complex games. Little did I know that the game was a hit among gamers of the app store. But thanks to the recent release of Samurai II: Vengeance, I now know that I truly missed out on a series that could very well have my favorite to date.

The game takes you through multiple chapters played out in a beautiful world filled as you make your trail of blood through armies of your enemy, Orochi. Resembling any other game of the genre with its classic controls, the game varies greatly in terms of its quality and fine artwork.

So basically, the main character is the samurai seen in the first, and you control him with the on-screen buttons instead of absolutely no buttons like in the first which didn’t own up to be the best way to go considering the game. There’s a joystick on the left for movement, and three circular buttons on the right side of the screen which perform other things mentioned below.

The bottom-most button, when pressed, gets the samurai into a dive position and makes him do a somersault once. This can be used to evade attacks from enemies when attacked at. The other two buttons are used together to form combo attacks. As you progress, more combos are unlocked using “karma” collected by doing various things. These combos involve tapping the buttons in a certain order to perform each. You can keep on upgrading each one adding a new button to the sequence each time which does involve spending a large amount of karma but also makes the attack inflict more damage on your opponent.

What makes the game incredibly enjoyable is the high-quality graphics that are utilized. Taking advantage of the retina display, the game introduces a new art style that while looks amazing is also pretty intriguing. Everything has a sort of watercolor theme applied to it with a bold, black outline which looks absolutely stunning on newer devices.

Another contribution to the high level of fun of the game is the action packed chapters that you will make your way through. There are fights pretty much everywhere, and the time when there are no fights, you’re pretty much walking through the detailed environments which gives you tons of time to admire the artwork. In each fight, the enemies will come out in waves. As you kill, more appear. There are multiple kinds of enemy units whose strength vary as you advance deeper and deeper into the game.

Along with enemies to fight, periodically there’ll be a stretch of obstacles that can give hurt you pretty bad. This includes spinning spikes, razors, swinging axe sort of things, and pop-up spikes.

An add on that was added in this sequel and not seen in the first is the fact that there are a few puzzles that you must complete to move on. These puzzles aren’t a sweat at all, and actually put me down a bit because I was expecting a real challenge. Most of the time, all you have to do is pull down a crank to open up the path or something else like that.

The game involves strategically planned upgrades on your part, and using your combos to your advantage. It truly is unique compared to other hack ‘n’ slash games on the app store, and I’m pretty sure it’s the only one that has depth but not much complexity; who likes playing games with your feet buried deep in decisions where you spend more time doing other things rather than playing the game?

There are, in all, 7 chapters to play through each with an average amount of playing time. It won’t take you long, but the levels later in the game definitely are a challenge with the AI being very accurate and on top of their game. If you finish the story mode on easy, there still is a more hardcore mode along with a few other game modes and achievements to achieve. The only thing that I ask of the developers in a future update is a multiplayer duel mode where you can face-off with others. But, if we don’t get there, there’s no biggy – the game still is what it is: amazing!

When it comes down to it all, the game strays far from others of the genre. Not in a bad way, no, but in a way that puts it apart and makes it stand out. Slaughtering enemies and getting to the top really feels god because the game is perfect in almost every aspect. The artwork is great, the fighting always has you on your toes, and the overall interaction level is pretty high. The developers aren’t asking for much, considering the low $2.99 price, but they are giving you a whole lot so I recommend giving it a go.