Run Roo Run App Review

Today we’re going to take a popular application from the developers of a famous title. Dubbed Run Roo Run, the application puts a clever twist on platforming to offer you a great aesthetically-pleasing package available for only $0.99.

Run Roo Run, developed and distributed by 5th Cell, more commonly known for the people behind the acclaimed Scribblenauts, puts you in control of a mother kangaroo who has lost her baby and sets out on a journey through the land down under. You’ll traverse through various environments and will navigate tricky levels filled with a numerous amount of obstacles in order to rescue your baby.

You’re posed with getting from one end of each level to the other in the shortest amount of time possible with a gold rating, silver rating and bronze rating up for the taking depending on your end time.

Boasting a intuitive one-button control scheme, the mother roo runs automatically while you manually control her jumps and other various movements dependent on the obstacles that litter each of the levels.

With each stage on the road to Sydney, each with 15 levels + 6 optional expert levels, you’ll be introduced with new obstacles and objects, which include barrels, tire swings, trampolines, u-turns, spikes and a whole plethora of others.

Though the game’s artwork may come off as extremely juvenile, they’re rather a great alternative to the some of the more modern, realistic graphics that can be found on the App Store today. Sporting a colorful theme, Run Roo Run has cartoon animations paying homage to comics in every way possible. Rendered with utmost perfection, each of the sprites in the game are crisp, polished and glow effulgently especially if you’ve got a device with retina capabilities, which tops it off. Similarly, the sound effects are respectable, but certainly do go along with the overall mood of the game.

Run Roo Run comes along with a cumulative 420 levels already included. Sounds like a large number, and it truly is, but each is only one screen long and takes a few seconds to complete, save for the difficult ones that will take multiple tries in order to complete. If you do finish those levels, which you most likely will, 5th Cell have promised additional levels every week that don’t need the application to be updated in order to obtain – always a plus.

It looks absolutely fantastic, plays the same way and is executed brilliantly. Kudos to 5th Cell, your iPhone or iPod Touch can now be equipped with an iconic application worthy of its dollar asking price, a small fee to pay for such a great game.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="They're crisp and vibrant, easily appealing to most." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="The sound goes hand-in-hand with both the theme of the game and the artwork, not too repetitive." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="It's a twist on the usual formula that is augmented by the inclusion of a huge amount of additional content." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="They're easy to master thanks to the fact that the game only involves rapid tapping." cat4rating="5" summary="For those who like a good challenge and appreciate the occasional gem among the tons of other applications that flood the App Store each and everyday, Run Roo Run should serve as a great time-waster."]

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