Reckless Racing App Review – Drive, Drift, and Have A Good Time! UPDATE: $0.99 Sale!

EA has released a few racing titles for the iDevice, both being a part of the NFS series. (NFS Shift and Underground) We had yet to see a quality top-down racer that was better than LilRacerZ by a whole lot. And that’s when I found out about Reckless Racing which was at that time supposed to be published by the developers themselves, Pixelbite Studios.

Now, after several months of constant waiting, a release date was put on the game and it was published by Electronic Arts. I’ve been playing Reckless Racing for a few days on-end now, and I must say that it’s most definitely a competitor with LilRacerZ.

Top down racers consist of pretty much just a bird’s eye view of a race track and everything else that would be on a race track. In a normal racer, the game would have you either in the shoes of the driver, or with a view right behind the car that you’re driving. In a top-down racer, you’re above everything.

Reckless Racing is of course, a racing game where your job is to be reckless. The game has a hillbilly-ish sort of theme to it with the background music, characters’ images and names, and environments.

There are three different single-player modes and a multiplayer mode. Before you start playing, you’ll be able to pick the car of your choice with an already assigned driver, and pick the track you want to race at. The modes include Dirt Rally, which is a regular old racing mode where you are trying to be the first out of three other AI opponents, a Delivery mode where you frantically deliver packages from building to building, and a Time Trial Mode.

These game modes do keep you occupied, however, because of the lack of other content, it’s hard to keep on playing. A story mode is desperately needed and there needs to be more tracks and more cars maybe available by being unlocked progressively throughout the span of the story mode. Currently, there are only a few tracks with their reverse alternates, and only 6 cars that differ solely based on looks instead of perks and such. Though that’s all that’s offered, the two difficulty modes of the AI and different difficulties of each track add some depth.

The game was able to sustain a place on my first page for quite awhile mainly because of the artwork that will meet your eyes when you open up the app each time, and the wonderful textures you’d see regularly on the road. There are the occasion puddles that gleam and blast up a wave of water when passed through, the dirt that rises into the air when you make one of those reckless turns, and just the side environment that runs around the whole track and consists of tress, boulders, buildings, large canyons, rivers and a whole lot more. The only thing that takes away from the artwork is the way that they’re rendered which takes away some of the smoothness of them, and makes them look rather rough.

The controls are spot-on, the amazing graphics and textures of the game catch your eyes all of the time which is probably why your driving is reckless, and the different modes will have you in it for a long time! Although you may not be too impressed by the amount of content the game has, just seeing all of the other pros makes up greatly! So if you like reckless driving, give up 3 bucks and put your swerving skills to the test!

UPDATE: The game is now on sale for $0.99. If it’s not showing up that time yet, please check again in an hour or so! Definitely worth it at this price so pick it up now if you have any interest at all!