Quick Route App Review – Easy Navigation Alternative

Since the public release of iOS 6 back in September, many users have reported trouble with Apple’s native Maps application. The Cupertino-based company, in an online statement by CEO Tim Cook, acknowledged the flaws with its Maps application and even recommended that users seek out a temporary alternative until issues were resolved. Excited Pixel’s Quick Route ($4.99) is one of the many superior utilities for iOS that aims to replace the need for Apple’s Maps.

Although I haven’t personally encountered any bugs or issues with the Maps application, they’re obviously there considering the sheer number of complains Apple has received from its user base. Until the company manages to release a patch to rectify the issues that have been reported, Quick Route is a suitable alternative that makes navigation easy. While it’s certainly no Waze or other full-fledged GPS application, Quick Route has a few features that it can boast over Apple’s Maps app.

As soon as you open the app, you’ll notice the professional aesthetic used to design the app’s user interface. Two location panes allow you to input a starting and ending location. These two panes make selecting a start and end location more intuitive and convenient. After entering the desired destination and starting point, the app will go through the steps in order to get there. Similar to Maps, the user can scroll between steps. While it does offer turn-by-turn, Quick Route lacks one of the most useful features found in other GPS apps and more importantly in Maps: voice navigation.

Quick Route

Quick Route

by Excited Pixel

4.99 USD

On the other hand, however, Quick Route offers directions for users in multiple different scenarios, which Maps did not. The user can select whether they’re in a car, biking, walking or using public transport. Based on your selection, navigation instructions will vary. Another handy addition is the fact that the app also allows users to simply hit a button to recalculate certain parts of their route.

Quick Route, evident by the name, has a core focus on simplifying the navigation process, and it does so exceptionally well. The app manages to retain a satisfyingly robust interface while also keeping the navigation process optimally uncomplicated. Although I understand that the developers want to keep everything simplified, I find it odd that the app didn’t have a list of recent destinations – this means that the user must manually input the destination even if it has been entered in before. There are also no presets such as home or work.

There are enough navigation utilities on the App Store to shake a stick at. Because of this, the apps that aim to be successful must offer a few noteworthy features to distinguish themselves from all of the others. While Quick Route is undoubtedly efficient and quite attractive, the app has some plaguing issues that need to be fixed until its steep $4.99 price tag can warrant a purchase.

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