Quell App Review – An Incredibly Polished, Extra Fun Puzzler

It’s still disheartening to see those really good applications on the app store that have horrible graphics. While the gameplay is enticing, the artwork sadly is not. Developers could go the extra step, as Fallen Tree Games did, and make their games highly polished. That is what buyers mainly look for in the screenshots, right? Nice artwork. Well, Quell is a downright fun game, but also downright polished!

Quell is a unique puzzle game that has you sliding around, I guess, a raindrop collection golden rings. Seems easy? Catch is, is that once you slide, you cannot slide again until the raindrop has hit something solid to stop it. Yes, there are games like it, but not really. None of them have evenly crisp, or even crisper artwork than Quell.

The levels start off easy, and as you advance steadily increase in difficulty. Usually puzzle games start getting pretty difficult fast, but Quell does not. In a way, it’s a good thing because you’re not being rushed to put your mind to test, but slowly warming up to face a real challenge. But, in turn it is also a bad thing because you never start to feel a bit perplexed until you get well into the game – about halfway through or so. Even so, the developer has incorporated a little bit to kind of compensate for this con. Each level has a “minimal moves” number which you can try to achieve to add more challenge to the table.

There will also be a variety of different obstacles: teleporters, one way gates, dangerous spikes, and others. These make the levels fresh and sometimes will make them more challenging.

I wrote a whole paragraph above expressing my hatefulness to apps with horrible graphics, and then praising Quell’s artwork. There’s a reason I did so, and that is because Quell really deserves the praise. It constantly amazes me with its polished, and crisp artwork seen through out the menu, level select layout, and all of the levels.

I really enjoyed, and still enjoy playing the game. You can really play it anywhere at any time – a few levels at a time, or sit down and play an excess amount of them. For the limited time price tag of $0.99, Quell is a serious steal!