Queen’s Crown App Review – Slash, Slam, Shoot or Jab In This Fun-Filled RPG!

Com2uS has been the developers of several RPG titles for the iDevice with the Inotia series and more recently The World of Magic. I never got to try these titles because before last week I wasn’t a fan of the genre at all. It was just too complicated for me. Even though I had never played these titles, I’d heard lots of praise about the games. Most recently, Com2uS released yet another RPG, Queen’s Crown, and this is the titles that has ultimately gotten be into the genre.

The story of Queen’s Crown is not much different than that of other RPGs of the same type. You’ve got some evil building up, and only one person, which is you, can save everyone from the evil. In this case, you’re the queen trying to recover 6 sacred gems. After the short tutorial in the beginning, you will immediately begin combat.

Controls are the same as always: a d-pad on the left side of the screen and a button on the right side of the screen. The d-pad controls the movement and unlike many games is fully responsive and easy to get accustomed to. The button on the right controls the attacks. What I do admire in the game is the multiple s at your disposal. Instead of having to buy separate weapons, four are already given to you which can be exchanged for more powerful ones and leveled up with use. I love this option given to you, and always find myself using all of the weapons.

Throughout the lengthy storyline, you will pass through a number of towns. In each, new quests will be waiting for you from various civilians which range from simple to extremely complex. Also, there are item shops where you can sell goods that you’ve picked up and purchase many different things.

The inventory system is extremely easy to use with the options straightforward, and choosing what you want to do with an item simple to execute. Even though I haven’t been a fan of the genre, I have played Zenonia 2 and never got the hang of the the inventory always ending up achieving the “Overweight Status.”

As I progress onwards through the game, however, I keep getting an increasing feeling that Queen’s Crown derives much from Gamevil’s, Zenonia 2. I’m not sure if the developers meant for it to be this way, but the things that you have access to are exactly like that in Zenonia. Some of the enemies look the same, and some of the things you encounter are alike. Anyhow, even if you excluded these things the game would still be better!

Along with that dislike, I have one more complaint that the developers could easily fix. The game doesn’t have an autosave feature which really makes me pull out my hair, for every time I do something I have to navigate somewhere and save. And then if I forget once, and then die, I have to start over from my last save-point which is usually a while back from the point where I died. Say this happens when you’re at a high point and have achieved a lot but forgot to save; then you obviously don’t want all of that progress is gone. Com2uS has included an in-app purchase that lets you restart the game with no penalty at the point that you died which really bothers (I’ve already spent a few dollars…)

Apart from the bad, the unique part of the game is the great environments in which you fight in. The luscious and authentic forests and the dungeons along with the many other settings swarming with enemies look rich and crystal
clear even though I’m pretty sure that the game isn’t retina enhanced.

I swear, this game is officially my life apart from my regular life. I play it day and night, whenever I get a chance because the story and all of it’s elements make the game very engaging: the allure of it is just unbearable. Seasoned RPG gamers may not find the game to be a challenge, because even I found a lot of it relatively easy apart from a few battles here and there. But for gamers just exploring the RPG genre, this is the title they should first delve into. It’s easier than the rest, though still difficult, and the awesome visuals, enemies, well thought out quests and character system make it a game that really deserves a large crowd. Queen’s Crown is a completely irresistible game that sells for only $4.99: no doubt a bargain!