Push Panic App Review – A Frenzy, Frantic, and Fantastic Puzzle Game!

Addiction has come over me, bringing a new wave a of regret each time I play as my game sessions tend to go on longer than I had hoped. All because of a two man team, and a true app store gem…

Did the developers code wrong? Did they, accidentally, put the game speed (of course in code language which I do not know) much higher than they had first aimed for? Is there an update coming to fix the problem? Why is my head spinning with each time I start playing? Push Panic, publisher Appular’s newest game poses all of these questions on my poor head. Taking the puzzle genre, the game has you frantically removing little cubes in strings based on their colors to earn points. Sounds easy? Think again: that’s why it’s called Push Panic.

The classic mode has you playing through a series of levels that increase in difficulty and speed with each switch. Blocks will fall from the top of the screen and stack up together in random order. By tapping one, it will be highlighted and you must chain together as many others of the same color before tapping on any of the highlighted ones to earn points for them and have those disappear. With a realistic balance physics coming into the picture, blocks will be tumbling every this way and that while you must carefully choose the ones that are in the most quantity. For each block that you remove, you’ll receive a certain amount of points that will be totaled up at the top and compared to others around the world that have a score near yours. All of the levels in the classic mode have certain scores you must reach to receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal for that level.

Along with the main meat, there are three other modes that the app has in store. There’s color panic mode where you cannot have over 8 of the same color blocks on the screen at once. There’s a Time Panic mode which is seen in a lot of these kinds of games where you’re given 3 minutes to achieve the highest score possible. And lastly, there’s a Score panic mode where there are no limits: just try to get the highest score possible. In all four of these modes (classic, color panic, time panic, and score panic) you will face an automatic game over if you lose control of the game and the blocks stack up past a certain point. Other ways to die depend on the mode.

The panic part of the name is seen in all of the game modes. The game, like every other, gets increasingly difficult. When I say it gets difficult, I mean difficult. Blocks will shower your screen, and maintaining a good level when they’re stacked up gets very tricky. So that’s where strategy comes in along with quick thinking. Though sometimes the speed of the game gets too unbearable, this feature where the real delight lies and is what really puts this game apart from all of the others that are somewhat similar.

There are, along with the cubes, powerups and other things that can influence the gameplay. Some of these include bombs that destroy all the cubes in a certain distance, blocks that get in the way and cannot be removed, multipliers and a whole lot of others that are available in the beginning and yet are introduced later.

What makes the game so much more enticing are the graphics, sound, and the achievements. The neon style used to create everything looks gorgeous with colors bursting all over the screen. Everything is just shiny and good looking. The soundtrack can be annoying, but it’s definitely has a fast beat which goes perfectly along with the high-speed of the gameplay. Lastly, the game has many achievements along with some competitive leaderboards.

There’s tons of content that Push Panic has to offer bringing you multiple game modes, some pretty sweet graphics and an engaging soundtrack all for just $0.99. I mean come on, how much better can the app store possible get? It has Push Panic on its charts which gives a bunch of reasons for developers to start upping their standards of developing!