Potshot Pirates App Review – A Buried Chest Full of Surprises and Treasure

The sea glimmers, as your ship nears a secluded island. You can almost taste the looming treasure, when you spot a structure. The natives have constructed towers, in an attempt to defend their treasure. So, you load up your cannon with one of your crew mates, take aim through the telescope, and fire away. You revel in your handiwork as the wooden blacks tumble down, smashing the natives as a result. This story paints a picture of Chillingo’s latest title: Potshot Pirates ($0.99).

Once you start up Potshot Pirates, you’ll immediately notice the pleasing visuals and soothing aesthetics. The graphics look like a painting, and are ripe with beauty. A smiling sun shines bright over the shimmering sea, and character models are cartoon-ish style.

When you start your first level, you’ll immediately notice some familiar gameplay elements. To be completely honest, the gameplay is quite reminiscent of Angry Birds. This is not a bad thing, however, as Angry Birds has gone on to be one of the most successful games ever. You’ll find much more innovative elements, though, in comparison to the aforementioned, when you dive deeper. For starters, the game is three-dimensional, meaning you can actually sail around the island, in an attempt to get a better launch angle. Also, to fire the canon, you must look through a scope, which can be problematic. The scope is super finicky because, at times, it is either too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. I’m not sure whether they used these controls to add difficulty to an otherwise easy game, but the lag on the scope can be super annoying.

The number of variations of pirates is impressive. You will unlock new types of pirates as you progress through the levels, each having their own special abilities. Some pirates may cut through stone, and others might set the island ablaze. Each new pirate is exciting to unlock, and adds new strategies required to beat each level. Also, you will earn coins from the treasure you seize from each island. These coins can then be used during a level to unlock special weapons, like a Kraken which demolishes the entire island.

Sound design in Potshot Pirates is nothing out of the ordinary. Cannon shots ring off violently and wooden blocks crumble with impact. The soundtrack is intriguing, and it really compliments the artsy atmosphere.

When it comes to value, this pirate title really comes through. There are more than 100 stages to blast through, some of which can be extremely difficult to beat. Others, however, do not provide much challenge at all. For many levels, I found myself having to fire solely at the pirate at the dead center of the structure to destroy the whole thing, which got quite boring and rather tedious, after a while. Despite some shockingly easy levels, you really feel like you get your money’s worth.

Potshot Pirates is a wonderful new title, which adds an exciting three-dimensional twist to the Angry Birds formula. The visuals are marvelous and unique, which complements the already stellar gameplay. Despite some slightly annoying controls, Chillingo really pulls through with another great title.

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