‘Potions’ App Review – Magical, Almost Sensational, and Beautiful

For ages sorcerers and alchemists in a host of fantastical games have endeavored to create magical potions. Enticed by their unique perks, some have succeeded while others have desperately failed. The same is true in this next case, but it’s not in the world of mythical creatures and nonexistent fictional settings; rather, it’s on an iOS device near you. Will you fail in creating ultimate potions or will you prosper? Find out with Potions ($0.99).

In Potions, you’re posed with mixing together various elements in hopes of creating as many potions in a given amount of time. The challenge mainly lies with picking out the correct combination from a moving conveyor belt that will steadily present different materials that can be used. With a minimum of three resources needed to be used in the making of the potions and a maximum of five, the possibilities are nearly endless (I’m no math wiz, but it doesn’t take a real expert to figure that much out).

The gameplay is split up into a total of 32 levels. Starting simple, the difficulty of the levels will rapidly increase to eventually demand your sharpest wits. The scarcest amount of what you need to know is explained thoroughly, though quite quickly, in the first level and then you’re on your own save for the fact that you have a book filled with all of the available resources.

With Potions, there’s really no replay value nor enough substantial content to make you desire to continue playing. Once you play through the first couple of levels, the challenge doesn’t suffice to keep someone engaged for too long; you’re basically doing the same repetitive task of tirelessly dragging and dropping potions into a big mixing pot and most of the time you’re picking out resources to mix together at random. The only real fun is the content that is unlocked progressively – discovering new potions, uncovering hidden art, etc.

Although the game won’t keep a ravenous gamer compelled for too long because of its lack of meat, figuratively, the artwork used in the creation of the game is absolutely fantastic. Aesthetically, the game runs high among others of comparable status with visuals that look as if they’ve had tons of time poured into their formation. The game’s UI, its sprites and pretty much everything sum up to a clean, well-crafted product that possesses its own unique style. I’d undoubtedly recommend the game fully when solely looking at the luminous artwork.

Considering you need to invest a ton of time to actually get into the game, as you’ve essentially got to memorize the materials to know when and how they should be used, you really can’t play Potions anywhere or anytime. You need to sit down and spend a relatively long amount of time to actually get accommodated with its premise. That’s not to say, however, that it isn’t a fulfilling experience otherwise; Potions delivers to a playable extent what it aims to offer, but it’s been executed short of its ultimate potential because of the lack of fully-alluring gameplay. Regardless, it’s innovative in itself.

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