Pig Shot App Review – Highly Addictive, Pig Slinging Action!

What do you think of when you hear, or look at pigs. Do you think, perhaps, that they’re ugly, mud dwelling creatures bound on staying dirty? Or do you think of cute, pink animals? I for one, used to think they were pretty ugly, and dirty…and oh yeah, stinky too. But now I love them, thanks to the frantic cartoon one you’ll find in Nexx Studio’s and Mudloop’s new game, Pig Shot.

As the title clearly states, Pig Shot has to do with a pig. A pig, yes, and a crazy one too. This endless game in the form of “Get As Far As You Can”, has you controlling an ever-running through acres and acres of field. The point? Actually, here I’m not really too sure.

You start off attached to a wooden slingshot sort of structure which you must pull back and release to get the pig running. Once done so, the pig will sprint towards the endless acres of grass he encounters with you tilting your device to move him left or right. As you run, many things will cross your path and help/hinder you if interacted in the correct way with. There will be tons of obstacles – and when I say tons, I mean heaps; not just the few you see in most games of the similar genre. There are boulders, sheep, fences, haystacks, logs, bushes, and trees. If you crash they will, depending on the position at which you crashed, cause something different: sometimes they’ll stop you completely causing you to have to restart, or sometimes they’ll just simple slow you down. However, getting slowed down may seem like a better thing than dying, but truly it really isn’t. It turns out that the slingshot thing I was talking about will show up in multiple places periodically. They will give you a boost each time you need it because when you come to a complete stop, the game also ends.

Just for the sake of your eyes, I’ll start another paragraph here to explain the good things that I mentioned briefly above. Also among with obstacles, there are things that you can collect which will help you in some sort of way. I said the object of the game was the run as far as possible, and that is true, but I partly lied. You are scored based on a point system and the distance traveled however more so points. There will be spinning stars that highlight the whole screen which, when collected, will boost your score. There are also boosts in between stars, and little herbs sort of things that will both appear randomly. The boosts, give the pig a sudden burst of energy which will propel it faster than the slingshot. And the herbs, when collected, actually eaten, fill up a bar in the bottom right corner of the screen which displays how much gas your pig has. Yep, just like someone to incorporate something like that! Whenever the pig starts to lag a bit threatening to stop, you can use the gas by tapping on the screen to give him some energy and quicken his pace.

The game features great artwork from the frantic pig with the cartoon-bulging eyes, to the environment and obstacles. I’ve really been enjoying the game not only for the overall gameplay, but also for the funky country-like background music and the cartoon artwork!

With my new iPod Touch, I’ve been highly obsessed with games that have already included Retina support and Game Center into them. Since Pig Shot, sadly, doesn’t have these two yet, I’ve been a bit sad. But, there is already OpenFeint integration with some pretty funny achievements (i.e. Constipated), and the developers have already promised these two things and a few others based on reading the app’s description. Here’s a list of what else is about the be included, and I’ve included a start (*) next to the ones I am most anticipating:

- Universal app (iPhone 4, iPad)
- Game Center (Achievement & Highscore) *
- ‘Retina Display’ graphics *
- Tons of pig addon *
- Progressive level environment *
- More obstacles *
- Facebook & Twitter highscore challenges

I really can’t stop playing the game, and have made a secret pact with myself promising not to stop until pigs can fly. Getting into the game is so simple, and the time really just flies. One minute your playing, and then two hours or even 3 later you’re still playing. All I’m trying to say is that the game is highly addictive and will find its spot on your homescreen nestled next to Doodle Jump and Angry Birds soon enough. Even if you don’t think so, it’s really worth the buck.