Perfect Cell App Review – Yet Another Stunning Release from Mobigame!

iPhone developers, Mobigame have previously been identified as “The developers of Edge.” However, with their new release, I and I’m sure others too, will identify them as, “The developers of Perfect Cell.” From the game’s chilling story to even the mysterious icon, it is stunning, and a title most iPhone gamers will definitely enjoy!

I for one, cannot stop playing. The reason being the game’s premise, it’s artwork and it’s engaging killing-involved gameplay are all pretty difficult to resist. When you first begin the game, you’ll be introduced to the storyline with a few short pictures and text. You are basically controlling a very powerful and dangerous organism similar to a squid or octopus and are trying to escape out of an underwater, submarine military base.

The gameplay is split up into a considerable amount of levels varying in difficulty as you advance on. Each level will have puzzles, obstacles and mazes that you must navigate yourself through in order to reach the next level. Though the genre hasn’t really surfaced onto the app store yet, Perfect Cell takes its cue from some other genres as the game smashes together puzzle, adventure, line-drawing and some others.

What to do in each level is completely up to you other than the given that you must reach the end. As you guide the organism onwards through the almost countless amount of mazes using your finger, you’ll encounter regular scientists and real enemies that carry guns – this is where you decide if you want to be good guy or bad guy – kill the innocent scientists and the guards with guns, or simply avoid them which is a little bit harder because they shoot at you.

The puzzle elements included along in the game are short passageways used to navigate around levels, and the more common the activators that have you hovering behind them for a few seconds to activate something. As you delve deeper into the game, your cell will be able to split into 2 and 3 smaller cells which is sometimes required to get past multiple of these activators.

Like all games, there is a way to die. There are obstacles places around each level which include stationary and moving lasers, platforms that could potentially crush you and even the shooting guards. Each time damage is inflicted on you, your health bar located at the top of the screen will decrease slightly. When not being hit, your health restores itself, but when completely depleted the cell bursts and you must start over once again. It’s difficult to survive after being constantly shot at by a guard because once your health starts decreasing the cell starts to stop listening to the commands of your finger and slowly drifts down to the floor. This is a con in my opinion as once you start getting shot at, and if there’s nowhere to hide quickly, you’ll most probably die.

As controlling the cell is done by touching on the screen where you wish, killing enemies is done by short swipes on the screen in the desired direction. This has the cell dash quickly which is used to shred enemies into little, gory sections of the body. Later you’ll gain access to a different dash which has you drawing a path for your cell to follow; the cell dashes extremely fast killing almost everything in the drawn path. Though this dash is almost always successful, there are enemies that require you to take them out from behind, and some that cannot be killed at all. Also, the dash sometimes is unresponsive when you’re right next to an enemy which can be annoying and has led to me being shot a countless amount of times.

What makes the game so intriguing along with the storyline is the graphical style. Everything has the same, dark shade that gives the game a little scary mood. The artwork is rendered well, the framerate is nice, and the amount of gore is strangely satisfying! Theres no real soundtrack playing in the background which I hope is so that the game is more mysterious, but the occasional sound effects on in-game objects bring the game alive.

Having never been seen before on the app store, all of the gameplay elements of Perfect Cell are unique and original. The fun never ends with the enticing killing and the many levels with unquestionable addictiveness. There’s no simplicity that attracts you like other games do. Rather, the dark style of the game and the great variety do. For $5.99, there’s no debate whether you should buy the game or not as no matter what type of gamer you are, hardcore or casual, you’ll enjoy playing!