Pastry Panic App Review – The Pixels Will Munch Your Time Away

Those who love retro gaming on the App Store should be thrilled to be embraced by Underground Pixel’s newest title to hit the App Store. Their second iOS endeavor following Holiday Havoc, the Christmas-themed endless shooter, Pastry Panic ($0.99 intro sale as part of Because We May) today released as a Universal bundle of unprecedented, delicious fun.

Pastry Panic redefines the way that prehistoric reptiles attain their food. You’ll be posed with satisfying Dino’s, an adorable combination of a lizard and a dinosaur, ravenous craving for sweets: cinnamon rolls, cakes, donuts and a whole lot more.

Following a short, but informative, tutorial you’ll be able to begin playing. Pastry Panic is divvied up into two modes of play. In Mad Dash, you’ll desperately hop from one conveyor belt to another with hopes of securing all of the incoming onslaughts of pastries in Dino’s mouth for points. Nuts, bolts and springs will more than occasionally appear along the belts which increasingly move faster – these must also be consumed to prevent the factory’s machines from jamming. In the second mode, Tongue Tied, Dino’s weight gain becomes evident with his stationary position in the middle of the screen. You’ll shoot your lengthy tongue out to catch pastries and bolts.

Once three bolts have escaped the confines of the screen (and surpassed the ability Dino’s stubby legs), it’s game over. Fortunately and unfortunately for you, though, multiple powerups in the form of donuts will roll on in with both positive and negative consequences including additional bolt losses, slower conveyor belts, and more. Further, collecting the letters ‘S-W-E-E-T’ will grant you an additional 200 point bonus.

For every 50 points you earn, you’ll also gain a coin which can cumulatively amount to a lovely piece of headwear from the game’s shop. Here you’ll find all sorts of things including night vision goggles, crowns, Afros and more that can be used to embellish Dino’s otherwise plain, but nonetheless cute, appearance. Underground Pixel even went to the extent of pairing with other alike indie developers to include two guest characters that can be bought for 100 coins each – these include the main characters from Soosiz ($1.99) and Hurdle Turtle ($0.99), which have both been adopted by the game’s artist’s art style.

Pastry Panic employs a wonderful art scheme that shows the developer’s appreciation of games of yesteryear. Everything has been constructed pixel by pixel and if you fancy said style, you’ll instantly fall in love with every sprite, background and UI element incorporated into the nooks and crannies of the game. The added chiptunes add to the overall retro feel.

While the game has been executed flawlessly, there was one qualm I had: the gameplay was a bit too slow. It’s not that the actual game modes were too easy, but they soon began to become cumbersome. The same thing over and over tires out your fingers and eventually you simply go to extreme measures in order to lose. What’s worse is that the point system isn’t as rewarding as it could have been. Pastries count for only five points each and one average playthrough will amount in a mere 1,000-2,000 points at the most.

A large-mouthed, large-eyed dinosaur is quite original, and the whole premise of Pastry Panic has its own unique charm that is unseen among most other titles that currently populate the App Store. Underground Pixel has success on its horizon, and if Pastry Panic ($0.99) is any indication of how the new game developing outlet is going to turn out, I’m extremely hopeful.

Note: Pastry Panic will become available for purchase worldwide at 11 PM EST tonight. The purchase button below links to Underground Pixel’s website but will be updated with the game’s App Store link upon its release.

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