Pastebot App Review – A Powerful Pocket Clipboard and More

Tapbots have been the instigators of a multitude of clever utilities on the App Store. Paying a high attention to every minute detail, Pastebot ($3.99) brings the functionality of an intuitive clipboard manager to the iOS device. Allowing you to easily access your past copied or cut photos, links, snippets and text, the application is quite a must for anyone that has been exposed to the company’s past works of genius as well as any other iPhone and iPod Touch user.

Even with the cut and copy commands added to iOS after the release of Pastebot, the latter remains to be a relevant and useful application among the ranks of others on the App Store. Rather than staying simple, Tapbots’ third born enables users to utilize every one of its features to its respective utmost potential.

Behind the name, Pastbot is a powerful clipboard manager that stores multiple previous items that you’ve copied or cut from somewhere. Regardless of where you get your snippets from, the application will load them up once you open the application. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s limitations for iOS, Pastebot has been hindered a bit; instead of constantly running in the background, Pastebot only runs for about 10 minutes after you close the application. Within this period, the application will store anything that you copy or cut without you having to open the application, which is the case after the ten minute period. You can choose to receive push notifications when the time runs out. If you wanted to bypass the limitation, you’d have to jailbreak.

Tapbots have executed the application seamlessly. Once you open the app, you’ll be presented with its crisp, sleek interface which every one of the developer’s applications so satisfyingly boast. Everything has been designed to have an optimal impression on the eye, and the retina supported graphics enlighten every button to a noticeable extent. Graphically-speaking, the hand behind all of the UI elements has proved time and time again that they are Photoshop professionals.

Inside the application’s confines, there’s a main screen with all of your recent copies and cuts listed chronologically in the order of most recent to the oldest. A small preview load next to each entry depicting what exactly that entry is: a picture will have a thumbnail of that shot, text will display the text, etc. By clicking on each of the copied items, a small graphic will light up next to the preview indicating that that is the media currently stored on your clipboard. Returning to any other application and pasting will bring up that specific thing.

The main meat of the application lies within its organizational features. Every clip is placed in the main clipboard standard – this has room for 200 things whether they’re pictures, text, links or whatever. All of your copied items can be placed into individual folders dependent on their being for use in the future which is an intelligent addition. Essentially, you’ve got a whole separate photo library with the option to quickly load up anything you want to your clipboard for immediate use.

Everything that has been stored within Pastebot can be manipulated further to your liking. Images can be edited with the pre-loaded filters including the usual (black and white, sepia, etc.), they can be rotated and snipped and they can also have their brightness or saturation adjusted. Text also has a whole long list of additional of commands that can be used to tweak their content. You can change the text itself, find words within the text, translate text to 54 different languages used worldwide and even add HTML to the text easily. Basically, you’ve got a photo editor, a word processor with HTML capabilities and also a translator that does a fine job of converting text from one language to another.

Once you’ve adjusted your copied items to your desire, you can copy them to your clipboard, as we’ve stated above, and you can share through email, etc. You can also hook up the app to the free Pastebot Sync client available absolutely free for Mac. This will pair the two devices whenever they’re on the same local WiFi network, which will allow you to flawlessly transfer items back and forth.

You may be wondering how Pastebot can be priced at $3.99 and also get away with it in the midst of all of the applications that are up for a mere buck. The truth is, concealed within the betraying title and the good looks, is a total of a minimum four other applications, and they make it all worth it. Despite the unintended flaw of Apple’s terms, Pastebot has been developed thoroughly and undoubtedly deserves a spot on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="If I were to price Pastebot solely based on its graphical aspect, it would sell for $10, no question about that. Everything has been designed exceptionally well reflecting on the application's similarly designed UI." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="It's got multiple apps loaded into one - come one, how awesome is that?" cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="Organization was well thought and planned out in the creation of Pastebot." cat3rating="5" summary="There's satisfaction knowing you've got the best gas prices available regardless of the desired grade - pick up Tank."]

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