Off the Leash App Review – Doggone Police!

The endless vertical running genre has been augmented by the release of Off the Leash (Free), the newest from the UK-based developer behind the popular Land-a-Panda, Meow Meow Happy Fight and the Piyo Blocks series, Big Pixel Studios. Posed with the task of setting fellow dogs loose as you hurriedly evade and avoid the pursuant doggy police, who have banned canines from their township, the game features the popular artwork that you’ll instantly learn to love, a diverse amount of environments and enough replayability and incentive to keep you unwillingly coming back time after time to set new records.

As the second in Big Pixel’s lineup of animal-centric games, Off the Leash’s premise is quite peculiar though easily lovable and enlightened by the various elements cleverly incorporated. As we previously stated, you’re in control of a dog bent on escaping the feds, officially dubbed Steve the golden retriever. You’re placed with the task of navigating through the 90 environments to potentially run on forever with the distance covered being the primary unit of score.

A cutscene introduces you to the story, and then you’ll be able to start your sprint. Controlling the left and right movement of Steve by tilting via the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s accelerometer, multiple different items will litter your upwards path.

Collecting these will slightly increase a meter that measures how far away you are from Steve leveling up. Progressively, the gameplay begins to become more difficult due to the increase of speed, as you’ll have to travel through a few randomly generated obstacles in order to continue the pursuit. Obtrusive obstacles will inconveniently get in the way and ultimately hinder your progress in that you may not make it to the next checkpoint in the required amount of time, which will mean the game is officially over. You’ll also be able to free other dogs which will increase the level-up meter and plays a large part in the gameplay.

To keep the game fresh, Big Pixel have put in a store that enables you to purchase outfits for Steve as well as powerups which are used and disposed of if you’re feeling lucky. Namely, the store includes a few hats that you can equip as well as magnets to collect all food items that lay on your path, to name just a few. You can also unlock different dogs (we still love you Steve!). Coins that are intricately placed on the playing field can be collected in order to purchase these upgrades, if you will, or if you desperately want an article or beneficial powerup, you can purchase additional coins via accordingly priced in-app purchases.

Everything from character sprites to backgrounds radiate and glow especially with the retina display of iOS devices playing a part. In all of their previous games, the same artwork style was used, and it’s made a [good] name for itself over the years. They’re crisp, polished, bright, and they look absolutely brilliant.

Along with the 90 environments that you’ll play through, each promising something new or a small spark of ingeniousness, there are also bonus levels – you’ll be able to easily collect a plethora of coins thanks to bonus levels that you gain access to after leveling up. These include lumber yards with coins placed on adjacent logs, an ocean that you’ll surf through and a whole lot more.

Big Pixel Studio’s titles incontrovertibly have taken the biscuit among the other absurd, thrilling games that populate the App Store, in the past and now in the present with the release of Off the Leash. The amusing storyling coalesce brilliantly with the developing outlet’s signature graphical theme as well as the inclusion of alluring items to keep you constantly attempting to beat your past records. The game is now available on the App Store for a limited time launch promotion that allows you to grab it completely free.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="The playful mood of the game's storyline goes hand-in-hand with the bright, colorful artwork that looks great." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="The sound is par with the frantic gameplay." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="Running games have become relatively trite in recent times; the many elements included in Off the Leash were the perfect amount of renewal in comparison to the ranks of other similar games." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="The tilt method is fairly responsive and is the ideal scheme for a game of this breed. However, it would be nice to see an alternative touch method. Regardless, there aren't any flaws in the current version of Off the Leash." cat4rating="5" summary="Big Pixel Studio's titles incontrovertibly have taken the biscuit among the other absurd, thrilling games that populate the App Store, in the past and now in the present with the release of Off the Leash."]

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