No Two iPhones are Alike

With almost 400,000 apps available in the iTunes store and with the ability to customize the iPhone, are any iPhones alike? In a time where customization rules and factory settings drool, the iPhone has become as personal as a fingerprint. As of March 2011, over 108 million iPhones have been sold. Yet despite the great number of iPhones, I can say with confidence, surely not one of those iPhones is exactly like the other. Since the iPhone allows us to customize our phone with photos, apps, wallpaper, lock screens, icon placement and much more, this makes sense. The iPhone is so much more than just our connection to technology. It has become a reflection of our personality, a reflection of who we are and what is important to us. Move over Facebook, you want to know who someone is….check out their iPhone. It will tell you way more about who they are and their interests. However, good luck getting them to let you look at their phone. Handing your phone over to someone is kinda like exposing a very vulnerable piece of yourself.