NeoDefender 2 App Review – A Vector Style, Asteroid-esque Game

From the uncontrollable allure of the game to the stylish vector styled graphics, NeoDefender 2 is an all-in-all good time-killing experience. It’s intense, it’s exciting, and it involves a whole lot of shooting.

With only one survival game mode, NeoDefender 2 is a simple shmup derived, asteroids-esque game from iPhone publishers, Appular. You’ve got your hub at the middle of the screen, and enemies will enter the screen from every 360 degree point possible.

Sliding your finger out from the hub in a certain direction, sends out bullets accordingly. When enemies are hit, they either disappear or split into smaller counterparts. Though its responsive, and the bullet animations are smooth, your finger can sometimes get in the way of where you’re shooting. Enemies will continuously advance on your hub, with you being helpless as you don’t have the power to move. Every time one of the enemies comes into contact with you, some of the solid green in your health gauge will decrease. If completely depleted, your game is over.

Like I’ve said, the game has one game mode which takes elements from a typical survival mode and a typical career mode and mixes them together. You’ll encounter enemies in waves with a short break in between for you to buy and upgrade using the in-game currency and store. These upgrades include new more powerful guns, more health, and other such helpful items. You’d think there’d be some sort of checkpoint/save system which there is to some extent, but when you die the game is all over and you must restart from the beginning.

This one game mode can get a bit constant and repetitive. I’d really like to see some more modes via update which could really project the game off of the ground. Right now, it only takes but one or two plays before you don’t feel like playing anymore.

The one thing that does sort of renew the mode are the bosses that periodically will show up. Usually being longer than the enemies, it takes a good amount of firepower to take out the bosses. This adds some variety to the game instead of encountering the same old enemies wave and wave over again. On top of that, the tons of guns that can be bought add reason for you to restart the game and play over to see how each one works.

Everything from the menus, to the loading screens, to the actual core gameplay is designed in the same sort of way with the same of vector style. Nothing has “solid” characteristic, but instead has bright, neon outlines. This type of theme goes extremely well with this kind of game. The only complaint I have about the artwork is that the enemy sprites are too simple. You’ve got a considerably complex hub, but then have these seemingly harmless circles and squares approach you. There are a few enemies more intricate, but I’d like to see more.

If the game only had one game mode, and it wasn’t extremely fun, I wouldn’t quite recommend it. But in this case, NeoDefender 2 is wonderful in almost every aspect except modes. Though I’d like to see more, you’ll miss out if you pass on this $0.99 opportunity.