N.Y. Zombies 2 App Review – The Fun Isn’t Dead

Your world is in shambles…family, friends, neighbors… all dead. The Infected thrive as a wall of undead wanting nothing more than to see your demise. Each breath you take could be your last. Enter a world of chaos, misery, and mystery. Enter N.Y. Zombies 2 ($1.99).

Foursaken Media brought out the first N.Y. Zombies and received mixed receptions. Players were fond of its interesting concepts, though many critics disapproved of its shabby graphics and mediocre gameplay. N.Y. Zombies 2 outshines its predecessor in every way imaginable.

Upon starting, you will be greeted by one of the best menus in an iOS game to date. The aesthetic is creepy, unique, and vibrant. With each tap of the screen triggering a bloody fingerprint or a wall of undead hands, the starting screen is excellent, to say the least. Foursaken combines this effort with a crooked, sloppy font which definitely adds to the hectic and frightening atmosphere. It may not sound like a big feature, but the menu truly stands out in N.Y. Zombies 2.

Once you jump into your first level, you’ll notice the controls and U.I. have both been streamlined and overhauled to near perfection. At points, the HUD can get quite crowded, but this is easily overlooked, as these moments are rare and don’t detract too much from the experience. The level design is well thought out, but at times the number of zombies in one place can drastically change. When it comes to weapons, Foursaken has equipped you with a wide arsenal. Ranging from baseball bats to Gatling guns, there is never a shortage of ways to protect yourself. There are also tons of tools to be bought with your hard earned cash like proximity mines and auto torrents. As you rank up, you will be able to pick a perk from 3 distinctively different skill trees: Survivor, Bruiser, and Marksman. The way you play the game can dramatically change depending on the skills you choose.

Graphics in N.Y. Zombies 2 are top-notch. The details are incredibly for an iPhone game, and each zombie truly stands out. Blood splotches decorate the bodies of the undead, and rubble litters the battered streets of New York. Weapons are well designed, with each resembling its real life counterpart. Though the visuals don’t top those of some graphical juggernauts (think Modern Combat 4), Foursaken definitely outdoes itself in the graphics department in comparison to N.Y. Zombies 2′s predecessor.

The sound is not very prominent in N.Y. Zombies 2. Somber tones play in the background, but the sound never really takes off. Each weapon has a distinctive sound, and over time, you can eventually tell each weapon apart using only the audio.

When it comes to replay value in N.Y. Zombies 2, you couldn’t ask for much more. There is story mode which travels to different locations across the city, and then there is survival mode. Survival mode can be played alone or with two of your friends. The fun can be hectic and exciting, but, at times, the connection can be quite spotty. This is most likely due to issues with GameCenter, though.

With its latest title, Foursaken strikes a brilliant balance between gameplay and design. N.Y. Zombies 2 is a terrific zombie title, which may not reinvent the genre, but it certainly comes close to perfecting it. Gameplay is addictive, graphics are more than adequate, and the entire package is a great value. Despite some tiny pitfalls, N.Y. Zombies 2 comes highly recommended.

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