Mutant Storm App Review – The Challenging Vector Arcade Title Ported to the iPad

Crescent Moon Games, publishers of many iOS titles, have ventured from one App Store genre to another. Not because their past games have tremendously failed, but because they’re simply creative to the core – universally. Their latest entrance into the App Store, Mutant Storm ($2.99), falls into the arcade genre with fast-paced, shooting action – and naturally, it’s quite brilliant.

Initially crafted on the PC and later brought to the Xbox, Mutant Storm has finally been ported over to the iPad. The game really lacks a story to start you off with, but the overall premise revolves around simply blasting various enemy ships to smithereens. This idea has been augmented with the inclusion of powerups, bombs and the variance of enemy ships ranging from plain roamers to full-fledged killing machines.

As you progress through the game’s levels, the difficulty level will steadily increase. You’re dedicated a certain amount of lives with your object being to last as long as you can; as you complete level numbers in the increments of 10 (10, 20, 30…), you’ll thereon be able to respawn from those multiples of ten upon restarting the game.

You’re dedicated one half of the iPad’s screen for movement of your ship while the other serves the purpose of shooting your weapon. Similar to a dual-stick shooter, an invisible joystick on the left half of the screen will control the movement of your aircraft. On the opposite side of the screen, tapping with one finger will blast out a steady stream of bullets, while pressing two fingers down will activate a bomb, which you’re given a limited number of.

The artwork which Mutant Storm has used is really creative. Vibrant, neon colors will be distributed across each of the game’s enemy sprites and backgrounds. The developers have also taken the extra step by including 3D particle effects and other such visually pleasing effects. All of the game’s animation runs at a stunning 60 frames per second, which when combined with the intense soundtrack and iPad’s retina display amount to a satisfying experience.

Despite Mutant Storm’s past record for the PC and Xbox, it feels as if it were originally developed solely for Apple’s flagship tablet. Everything just feels right: the iPad’s touchscreen is the optimal control method for the quick-paced nature of the game, the game’s vector-based artwork looks perfectly vibrant by utilizing the iPad’s wondrous display, and the game comes with 89 levels for a meager $2.99.

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