Mutant Mudds App Review – 8-Bit Greatness

In a world of hyper-realistic graphics, it seems hard to find anything unique. The gorgeous games sit at the top 25 list week after week, and the trend seems monotonous. Luckily Renegade Kid has sent a 8-bit hero…introducing Mutant Mudds ($0.99).

Mutant Mudds is a 8-bit sidescroller meant to put an end to the endless line of copycats. Armed with your trusty blaster and jetpack, you must fight, jump and fly through 60 levels that span across 5 unique worlds. Using a water blaster, you, as Max, must defeat the mutant mudds, who are just muddy nuisances.

Each level is intricately designed, forcing you to use everything at your disposal. Puzzles can be frustrating at times, but the challenge really feels classic. It never feels like the game is holding your hand, which definitely fits the 16-bit era. There is something truly special about the satisfaction received from finishing such a punishing game.

The graphics are unique and retro-styled, and bring a classic freshness to your iOS device. Each world is differently pixelated, keeping things from feeling stale. The mutants look muddy and mean, making it all the more enjoyable to blast them off the pixelated screen.

Sound design in Mutant Mudds is mainly there to contribute to the pixelated graphics. As a result, retro tracks sound off in the background, each adding to the classic vibe. Every blast sounds electronic and comes off well. Enemies will shout and screech, based upon your actions.

Mutant Mudds’ controls are responsive and well thought out. Four arrows in the bottom left of the screen control movement, while an A and B button control jumping. Double tapping A will turn on the jetpack. Overall, the controls are responsive and it never feels like you’re at a disadvantage.

On the surface, Mutant Mudds might seem like your typical platformer, but there is a much deeper element to the gameplay. Throughout the levels, you will come to certain platforms which let you literally move through a 3-dimensional plane. You will either move closer or further away from the camera, adding to the sensation. This unique feature really mixes up the same old routine.

There is only one game mode, but this makes sense as it is a platformer. Despite the lack of other modes, Mutant Mudds packs a nice value, as it includes 60 full-fleshed levels. Level design definitely switches up every few stages, hydrating the slightly repetitive gameplay.

Mutant Mudds is a fantastic return to the 8-bit era. The soundtrack is classic, the gameplay is simple, yet addictive, and the graphics are beautifully pixelated. The enemies are ruthless, and the level design unforgiving, which makes it that much more fulfilling when success comes around. Renegade Kid strikes a nostalgic note with this title; anyone tired of the typical design should surely pick up this modern platformer with a classic remix.

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