“Morning-After” App?

Ever had one of those nights when you’re a little too inebriated and you find yourself on Twitter or Facebook way too much?  Now there’s an app to delete your not so smart tweets and photos and comments, “Last Night Never Happened.”

Last Night Never Happened is available for iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch for only $0.99 in the App Store.

IPhone users are the worst out of all smartphone users when it comes to regretting posts to Facebook and Twitter; 59 percent of iPhone users admit to making posts they regret in the morning.  Only 32 percent of general social network users admit to regretting posts the next day.

The app allows iPhone users to efficiently and conveniently delete multiple posts from Facebook and Twitter.  You can delete photos and comments off Facebook and direct messages and tweets from Twitter.  You can’t delete status updates from Facebook yet, but there’s a petition to Facebook you can sign (the link is in the information part on the App Store).

When you first open the app, you sign into your Facebook and Twitter pages and the app links itself to the websites.  You have to login every time though, the app doesn’t keep your passwords.  Then you set a dial for the desired amount of time you want to go back.  You can erase from 1 hour to 48 hours.  The app shows you how many Facebook photos and comments and Twitter direct messages and tweets you posted during that time period.  You can choose which ones you’d like to delete and then click almost there.  The app sends you to another page to make sure that’s what you want to delete and then click the “Last Night Never Happened” button and you’re in the clear!  The app also lets you replace the deleted messages with a customized one.

There is a part of me that hopes I never have to use the app, but if the past is an example of the future, this app will be my best friends some weekend mornings.

You can visit their website at www.lastnightapp.com for more information about the app!