Monster Truck Destruction App Review – Smashing Fun

You hear your engine rev up as you prepare for your big jump. You smash down the accelerator, and your monster truck leaps over six school buses in a row. The crowd goes wild as rock songs boom over the speakers. You hop out of your truck and head to collect your big payout. This is the crazy sensation captured by Chillingo’s latest derby-racer: Monster Truck Destruction ($0.99).

Monster Truck Destruction is a new action game based upon monster truck derbies. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: please the crowd in any way you can. This means power-sliding, flipping, jumping cars or buses, and, especially, smashing obstacles. Performing these actions will grant points, which decides your place in the competition. As you move up the ranks, you’ll earn more cash, which can be used to upgrade your truck or buy new ones.

There are two main categories for play: Championship and Single Event. Championship plays the way you would expect it too, with 4 rounds, each paying more than the last. As the payout of the round increases, so does the skill of the opponent. Single event is just that: a single event. This could mean a freestyle match or a random setup. There really aren’t many things to do in Monster Truck Destruction, despite a spectrum of available, in-app unlocks.

Graphics in Monster Truck Destruction look very nice, to say the least. Dirt kicks up under your tires, camera flashes glimmer throughout the crowd, and barrels collapse violently under the weight of your truck. Physics make your truck look, and act, realistically. These are, no doubt, some well-designed visuals.

My only major gripe with the game has to be the controls. At the bottom of the screen, there are two arrows, a brake/ reverse button, and the accelerator. The controls may seem simple, but can be very problematic. Although the decision to go with these controls definitely adds a learning curve to an otherwise easy game, I do not see why Chillingo chose them over a tilt feature.

Another (albeit small) issue I had with Monster Truck Destruction, was the sound. The guitar riffs sounding off in the background all start to mend together, and can be quite an annoyance when spending a lot of time customizing your truck. Even though the tracks add to the atmosphere of the game, those spending a lot of time in the menus may want to reach for the mute feature. Other than the menu music, the sound design is well done. Your engine roars with each press of the petal, and boxes and barrels crackle and pop as you smash them. The crowd will roar upon seeing you perform amazing feats.

Chillingo’s Monster Destruction is a marvelous title dragged down by mediocre controls and an annoying soundtrack. The visuals are impressive, just like the in-game sounds. There are a ton of unlocks and customization choices, despite the fact that some of them are in-app purchases. Anyone looking for some good old fashioned destruction should definitely smash through this one.

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