Monster Dash App Review – Monsters Beware. Barry Steakfries is on the Run!

Halfbrick Studios, the guys that brought you the dominating Fruit Ninja for both iPhone and iPad are by far one of my favorite developers. Today, their newest game, Monster Dash launched and with its Canablt like premise, intriguingly named character, and cute cartoon graphics it is a definite winner!

In many worlds filled with many types of monsters, Barry Steakfries runs on end into the endless meters of scrolling screen. With Monster Dash, you play as the intriguingly named man mentioned above as you kill monsters, and hop over dangerous obstacles and gaps. All of this while trying to achieve a new high score of “Farthest Run”. Now that’s epic.

The game features the one-touch control that many games have in the app store. This element of simplicity is so much easier than a complex pattern of confusing controls. On the left side of the screen, tapping on the on-screen button makes Barry jump. Holding it down longer makes him jump higher. Tapping on the right side’s buttons brings out Barry’s gun – this is used to take down the squads of monsters that you’ll encounter in your run.

Each world holds different monsters, a new impressive background, and the other things found in other worlds. They all pose the threat of random gaps between platforms, and the spikes that both must be jumped over. The words also contain boxes which when collected will give you a new gun with more power. There are machine-guns with rapid fire, jetpacks that shoot out bullets whenever you enter the air, and many other harmful (to the monsters) weapons. The weapons don’t stay forever though. They have a limited amount of ammo each which will slowly drain with each round fired.

The game ends when you lose all three of the hearts that you’re given in the beginning of your run. Every time that you make contact with an alive monster, one will disappear. However, you can collect a replacement by jumping to meet the randomly strewn hearts that simple float around, in the air.

I can’t say how much I adore the cute cartoon artwork. Barry and the monsters alike with their huge heads and considerably smaller bodies, and the many differently designed monsters make the game attractive to look at.

The game never fails to keep me entertained, not only because of the enticing and addictive gameplay, but also because of the many achievements and leader boards available through OpenFeint. These keep things fresh and add new challenge to the game.

Like all of Halfbrick’s games, this one is flawless and engaging likewise. If you’ve ever looked for a solid, potential filled $0.99 game, Monster Dash is the one that you’re looking for. With its cute artwork, easily to master controls, and so much content, the game is a true steal!

Seeing this game spring out of the unknown and slightly unexpected, I can’t wait to see what else Halfbrick has in the works!

Check out this unique, and humorous trailer made by the guys over at Halfbrick!