Mini Dash App Review – Don’t Take the Cute Graphics Lightly

An app that certainly, without one slightest bit of doubt, passed under the radar of the average App Store gamer, Mini Dash ($0.99) is yet another thrilling adventure from well-known publisher, Chillingo. The availability of platformers for the iOS platform has expanded since the App Store’s launch a few years ago, and, by this time, you can pretty much find one to suit any platformer-enthusiast’s preference. Whether you’re seeking a Metroidvania title with large levels and tons of exploration or you’re looking for an arcade-styled game with short, quick levels demanding your endurance and patience, the App Store has it.

Mini Dash is an augmentation to the collection of brutal, fast-paced platformers that the App Store houses. Gamers will assume control of a flexible and sticky hero and will face 150 cleverly-designed levels in which they’ll have to navigate through obstacles and past enemies while also simultaneously racing against the clock.

Upon first opening the application, the first impression gained will most probably be the game’s cute graphics. The cartoon-styled sprites in coalescence with the bright colors and backgrounds are enough to set Mini Dash apart from the norm in themselves. And we haven’t even gotten to expressing how delightful the gameplay is yet.

Most of the game’s fun comes from having to navigate through and around deathly obstacles and threatening enemies. Once you master the game’s tilt or touch-based controls, which will take a considerable amount of time, to tell the truth, the game will challenge you from head to toe. Spikes, fire, spinning blades and more will come in the way of you and the end of each level. Each and every one of your nerves will be tested, and you’ll soon get the burning, tingling desire to rip your hair out one by one. The crazy part? We think this feeling is fantastic, evident of the gameplay’s perfect execution.

The sheer amount of content offered here is beyond great. Along with the 150 levels, the game will guide you through three massive environments in which the levels take place. Additionally, mushrooms are littered throughout levels, which can be collected and later spent on purchasing new characters for increased variety. Collecting mushrooms while also simultaneously keeping the clock in mind are two difficult challenges to balance, and you’ll see yourself retrying levels multiple times over.

One line of advice: don’t take the game’s incredibly cutesy graphics too lightly. Before you know it, the enemies that you previously thought were adorable will threaten your character’s life, and you’ll be failing levels quite often. Regardless, Mini Dash is a title deserving of your dollar.

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